The Graduates - 2008

here are the chaps who wrestled through four years of OLPS and are set to graduate this march(?)

Mga sano, what advise can you give these 11 as they face the thrills and disappointments of "buhay sa luwas"?

1. to start off, me i'd encourage them to take a year off and just bum around and travel. see what its like being out in the world. well, thats what i would have done if given the chance to do it all over again hehehe.

OLPS happenings

lots of new stuff over at the OLPSminor blog. go visit na!

BAMS 2008

some kind of spiritual miracle seems to be taking place here. and tio nards is the ninong daw! hehe

remember the always nice and helpful sr. myrna and ms. halcon? (i dont now the gal in the middle though)

mayad pa an olps kay damo an outing hehe.

A Matter of Waiting

here's another fine addition from Gabby of B86 to the ever-growing collection of prose and verses in the soon to be literary hit "The Book of Sano" :-p

A Matter of Waiting
by Gabby Lagamayo, B86

The problem with the future is that we don’t know how it will unfold. We can make some logical predictions based on history and observation, but there is always that x of an unknown that no one can anticipate. The vastness of predictive studies, and you can add the unscientific ones, could only comprehend things that have transpired.

Neat intro, huh? No? I thought I’d make a great impression. So what am I anxious about? In two measly weeks (as of the time I’m writing this piece) I’ll be joining the club of the big four-oh; entering the twilight zone where, they say, everything gets bad or good depending how you live your life. I’m the eldest in the batch so I get to become forty first. This post is about being that.

click here to continue reading the writeup at the b86 blog...

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