Mabuhay si gibbs!!!

big congrats to gibbs whose blog was nominated for the pinoy blog awards

hanep talaga ini si fajards (b92).

sano pwede kaya ma-invite siya sa homecoming? hehehe

rest in peace fr. chubay
from the PDI

Priest dies of heart attack in protest rally
Last updated 01:14am (Mla time) 03/10/2007

A priest died of a heart attack in Sorsogon City while attending a rally against extra-judicial killings in Sorsogon province.

Msgr. Francisco Monje said Fr. Josefino Chavenia complained of chest pains as the prayer rally was about to end around 11:45 a.m. at the provincial capitol.

Chavenia was taken to the Sorsogon Doctor’s Hospital where he died about two hours later.

Monje said his brother, Dr. Norberto Monje, tried to revive Chavenia.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes, who led the rally, expressed grief over Chavenia’s death, saying it was very unfortunate that it occurred during the “rally for life.”

Chavenia, 58, served in various capacities in the diocese and was the parish priest of Bulan town when he died.

The Sorsogon diocese organized the prayer rally to protest the continued killings of militants in the province.

In a phone interview, Bastes said the continued killings have sown fear among the people of Sorsogon.



Fr. Chubay's remains lie in state at the Balay san Padi at OLPS. Sa mga sano na makabisita, pakipangadyi na lang tabi nan pakikumusta sa mga sano nan kapadian.

Batch 81

has some pix of the olps grand alumni homecoming

Batch 82

sano ronn is kind of in a "crush mode" - do check out their blog and help him choose hehe. i kinda like surfing myself ;-)

an important announcement though --the King has been found!

old graduation pix, check out perry!

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Batch 89

richard must be so busy

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has loads of new stuff posted. seems like they're hanging out more often these days

like this get together at the beach

celebrating chinese new year

a fine, fine view

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chrisly is busy too.

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