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merry x'mas

Sano Tato Marcial sent me a text informing that Sano Tobing Escobedo (batch?) has succumbed to injuries from a motorcycle accident in Gubat, Sorsogon

godspeed sano tobing...

Congrats to Larry Manda!

Big congrats to Larry Manda for winning as best cinematographer for the movie "Maling Akala" in the recently concluded Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival.

heh, its been a slow month here so i'll liven things up a bit... if you're still disappointed with how your life turned out after you went out of the seminary then read this and maybe you'll find something inspiring or whatever. who knows you might be the next tom cruise :-D

From Hollywood superstars to adulterous dilettantes, several seminary dropouts have managed to find success in the secular world. Here’s a sampling of the finest in almost-clergy.

click here to know these famous ex-seminaristas.

Beowulf back when

Remember the legendary english teacher Ms. Resurreccion and the equally legendary required english lit topic --Beowulf? Here's Gibbs' entertaining writeup about them... (i hope ms. rexy is doing fine these days, any news about her?)

Aha, so it's pronounced “BAY-wulf.” All these years my high school classmates and I have pronounced it “BEE-wulf,” like how were taught in English literature. The release of the movie should prompt us to consider holding one of our usual reunions just so we could officially adopt the proper pronunciation of the name.

You see, “Beowulf” isn't just a story to us. Mention the word, and it brings back a lot of happy memories. We're silly sentimental SOBs like that.

We learned about Beowulf and Grendel and Grendel's monster mother not from Neil Gaiman, but in traditional high school English literature. I'm not sure if students today are still taught this old English epic poem. Our teacher was Mrs. Resurreccion, a white-haired, motherly, tiny bird of a lady, all 4'11" of her (perhaps even shorter).

continue reading gibbs' writeup here...

here's B92 during a recent scrimmage in aemilianum. being that i heard they field the mightiest B-ball team of all sano batches ;-) am thinking is a match between the metro manila champs B83 and the sorsogon champs B92 not too far off?? even unavoidable???

who will win? who will surrender?? hehehe abangan!

more pix in here


here's the OLPS '83 Macho Gwapings Forever! team (from left to right, SF Leo Baloloy, SG, Choy Banaga, Playing Coach PG Gerry A, Center Perry Labayo and SF, Haile Frivaldo) -- who completely dominated and demolished the formidable Pfizer Managers in a thrilling basketball series held these month

head over to the B83 blog for pix and deets

tree planting sa minor

one of the activities during the homecoming was tree planting. this is a good idea since OLPS is almost arot na with most of the tress felled down by past typhoons.

so if you should find yourself in sorsogon one of these days, take a little time out to plant a tree in OLPS. it would be cool to go back again in a few years or so and see your tree all grown up di ba?

here is sano ronny planting a tree

parade pics taken by sano ronny

some pics taken by B92 during the 2007 homecoming. medyo konti lang daw dumating but it was fun day nonetheless

the B92 guys having a great time!!!

and these gals daw ang naghatid saya hehehe. ayan dili magbasol an dili naka-attend san homecoming ha.

view pics taken by sano ronny (B82)

and view the pics taken by the b92 guys

this jolted me a bit when i read today. seems like a sorsogon priest has been excommunicated. his name sounds familiar but i dont remember his face at all. anyways here's the story

A Catholic priest from Sorsogon, excommunicated by the Church for breaking the “seal of confession,” said on Thursday he planned to appeal his case before Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes and the Catholic Church hierarchy in the Philippines.

Father Alejandre V. Galias told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that he would seek an audience with Bishop Bastes and explain his side. He said he would ask the bishop to revoke his excommunication and restore his authority to perform his priestly duties.

When interviewed on Thursday, the 58-year-old priest said he was continuing his normal routine as priest. But when asked if he was still saying masses, Galias refused to comment.

Galias said he found his excommunication questionable as he was not given due process.

In a decree dated September 21, 2007, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sorsogon declared the penalty of “latae sententiae excommunication” against Galias

read the full story here.....

so i got bored and googled the unfortunate padre's name and got this

and this shows the latin text of the excommunication (this is a nice sorsogon catholic themed blog maintained by fr. abe, crs)

hay naku- parang maintriga dating hehehe.

2007 OLPS Intrams

the 2007 OLPS minor Intrams kicked off yesterday. The intramurals' theme is: Clash of the Empires! Celts, Spartans, Sioux...

more deets and pix at the OLPS Minor website

2007 OLPS Homecoming

so after a lot of wondering, turns out there will be a homecoming this year. it will be on Oct. 17, 2007 (its on a wednesday -- why not on a weekend kaya???) anyways here's the sked

Homecoming Sked

October 17, 2007

8:00 AM - Registration

9:00 AM - Holy Eucharist

10:30 - Tree Planting

11:30 AM - Lunch (Agape)
Entertainment during lunchtime

1:00 PM - Bingo Socials

3:00 PM - Outdoor Games
Volleyball: Mothers of Seminarians vs. Faculty
Basketball: Fathers of Seminarians vs. SANO
Priests vs. SANO

6:00 PM - Departure

here's the front of the invitation card

and the inside

so mga maka-attend, please please take lots and lots of pictures and email them to me for posting here.

i may not be able to go coz medyo alanganin ang sked, being on a midweek and all. 3 days ding absent yun.

have fun!!!

ok, time to do this again. nothing much to share. seems like everybody's busy and the blogs aren't updated regularly anymore. its also a bummer that by the looks of it there would be no 2007 Homecoming.

Batch 81

hasn't been updated in long while but do leave a message for sano chuck in their chat box

Batch 82

Sano Ronn joined the OLPS outing ( his son is currently a freshman)

Batch 83

the gang celebrated donnie boy's bday (guested by no less than regine velazquez and ogie alcasid)

they're also in heavy training for the coming basketball game on Oct. 12 where they will battle it out with the Pfizer Managers for b-ball supremacy. maybe we can go and cheer them on. or ipangadyi na lang hehehehe.

Batch 84

haven't been updated for a while now

Batch 86

oh, nothing there but birthdays and exams hehe. inhurugakan na ada. maybe we'll meet again 20 years from now hehehehe.

Batch 87

one of the livelier batch blogs around. they also have lots of slideshow albums and a podcast (first sano blog to make one)

pls confine your eyes to ojee's son ok? hehe.

sano ojee and sano sanni visited fr. roy eco in florida.

Batch 89

i think richard is having a hard time contacting his batchmates. nothing new there

Batch 92

sano mike go had a great time with his kids out on family day. do check out the pupitre videos up on their blog.

Batch 93

allen's team bagged the trophy in a paintball tourney in dubai.

Batch 94

kuki and sasa dugan are proud parents of baby boy dugan

Batch 96

fr. ro was recently ordained priest and serves as parochial vicar kan Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

they have a cool website with lots of features. go check it now!!. also check out their photo album for pix of the coke college

Batch 97

the newest blog in the sanosphere. go visit for a look see.

Batch 2000

hasn't been updated in a long while. chrisly graduated from his theo studies and is now back in the diocese

all blacks haka

the All Blacks (New Zealand's National Rugby Team) traditionally start their rugby matches with the haka

this is the most frequently used version the "Ka Mate"

this is a scarier version - "Kapa O Pango"

Our deepest condolences to totep's and junjun's family on the passing away of their father.

May God give him eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace.


Tio Nonong's body lies in state at their house in village. Internment in scheduled on friday. to those who can visit totep and junjun, do convey our condolences

mga sano let's offer prayers to:

dante arcos (b86) -brod of ol arcos (b92) who's taking the bar exams -- 2nd week ninda niyan- na sana makapasar and to totep (b87) and junjun perez's (b84) dad who will be undergoing a risky bladder operation -- na sana the operation will go well and that he will soon be back in good health.

here's dondee and the gang rockin' it out

soccer time!!!

hamamani an labuy ha? pix from batch92

Welcome Batch 1997

let's all welcome still another new addition to the ever expanding Sanosphere!. welcome batch 97!

Welcome Batch 1996

go visit the newest addition to the sanosphere!!

nice website!! but it loads a wee bit slow on my end so patience lang.

olps maintains a flickr account pala. view their albums here

and if you haven't visited the OLPS minor blog, well, shame on you! hehehehe joke!. ok, visit it now and relive your crazy high-school days.

btw, these are these year's juniors taking time out from housecleaning to ham it up for the camera.

and also please, OLPS needs your help. you can donate your time and services, goods, and money for the rebuilding of OLPS. contact fr. egay over at the seminary blog for details.

Freshmen's Night sa OLPS

a freshman showing off his dancing prowess during the acquaintance program. nadumduman ko san mauso an breakdance san panahon mi sadto mga early 80's. more pix and deets here.

do check out the sons of sano ronny and kruni rockin' it out

OLPS Shirts!!!!!

the perfect gift for your loved and unloved ones. bili bili na!!!!!!

how much tabi ini padre? and anong sizes ang available? me kiddie sizes din po ba?

maybe this would be a good venture for OLPS to go into --- OLPS branded apparel (shirts, shorts, jerseys, hoodies etc) and accessories (coffee mugs, wall clocks, pens, keychains etc).

what a pleasant surprise today. i just found out via B82 blog that the rector--fr. egay has created a blog for the OLPS Minor Seminary. Great work padre!

do check out the blog here

also check out their fantastic 2007 year book. galing naman a.

padre egay, can i make three requests if it isn't much of a trouble for you.

a. do you have an mp3 of the OLPS Hymn? paemail naman po.
b. also do you have a pdf file of the 2006-2007 scintilla? paemail din
c. pahingi rin po pala ng High resolution file ng OLPS logo.

kindly email to olpseminarista (at) yahoo dot com

btw, kelan kaya susunod ang blog ng coke seminary? calling fr. henry hehehehe

Mga SANO donasyon tabi

Mga Sano, basi pwede naton tabi matabangan an OLPS maski kung ano lang kaya ta..Thanks in advance mga Sano :)

Adi tabi an pinturahan. Looks like laen lang tolo (3) o upat (4) na balde sadi an kaipuhan, tsk, tsk, tsk.

According to Fr. Rector, an estimate na in-present saiya san pintor would be about Php 20,000 (kaopod na daw an sa labor) for this area.

Nano tabi sa pagkita nindo mga classmates? Maybe we can shoulder half of it, or, maybe (and it is very possible naman diba Tidi?) the entire papintura sadi na part san beloved OLPS naton.
Actually pati an facade nangangaipo naman sin makeover. Pero ini nalang muna siguro an hatagaan ta sin priority as a batch. Sentimental ini na part, if you remember the stunts of Luking and Tidi dida sa second floor, hehehe...

Feedback asap please. Hopefully the Sorsogon-based batchmates could meet asap to finalize things out.

PS.Kun natatandaan nindo, amo ini an narugado san typhoons Milenyo and Reming. Mayad ngani kay naayos man in time for the school year. Hingoha man baya an seminary fathers ta na makasolicit funds for the repairs and all. Maybe we can help, since laen man kita nakaparadi para ma-assign man sa OLPS, then this is our part. Hehehe...

Welcome Batch 84!

wowoweee!! another class has joined the Sanosphere. give a round of applause to Batch 84

visit their blog here

the site was created and maintained by the dd luzurriaga.

mucho thanks dd!

Sige share tayo ng ating first day or first night sa OLPS. Sige ako muna:

I was very nervous coming to the seminary. I absolutely didnt know anybody coz i was the only one from Castilla. Most of my classmates had friends who were also incoming freshmen and were classmates during elementary. Everything was bit strange- the people, the smell of the dorm and the CR. the dorm with its rows of bed covered with white bed covers reminded me of a hospital.

I had fun arranging my stuff in the cabinet. i felt like a grown-up. It amused me also that my mother religiously followed the clothing list given by the seminary - so i vividly remember having 12 pairs of briefs --and she insisted that it should be in different colors so it would be easier for me to avoid wearing a pair twice in a row.

My senses of dread though was minimized by noise and activity from the people around ---the noise from seminarians, parents and family members arguing or helping set up the cabinet and beds, the clanging of tbars and beds. somehow i was happy coz it was the first time i felt a sense of independence from my parents.

Anyways, the first night was fun too, especially setting up the mosquito net on the t-bars. and it was good too that the seniors helped us set up the beds. The beadle then was larry manda, he looked like a very huge guy to us during that time, i was actually very afraid of him. So when he said its lights off, i immediately went to bed. i had trouble sleeping but somehow after a while i managed to sleep.

after an hour or so to my deep embarrassment, i promptly rolled off my bed . good thing that being a very thin guy the mosquito net caught me and i didnt hit the floor. and also thanks to Glenn Pato and to Donor who kindly put me right back on my bed and never teased me about it the whole year they were there.

Godspeed Mamo Eli Pura

got the news that Mamo Pura passed away yesterday. rest in peace mamo.

details to follow.

o hala ipangadyi naton (mas mayad kun magdonar nin last minute pangkampanya hehe) an mga sano na kandidato niyan na election.

Mike Go (B92) : Vice Mayor Sorosogon
Alwyn Talde (B83) : Vice Mayor Castilla
Wiron Demate (B86) : Municipal Councilor Casiguran
Henri Deri (B86) : Municipal Councilor Gubat
Ding Ramos (B?) : Mayor Gubat (reelectionist)
Nonoy Paras (B92): Municipal Councilor Barcelona

Election Canvassing Update:

Alwyn: looks like he's a sure winner. harayoon an baya niya sa kalaban
Ding: looking like a winner na din
Mike: looking bad. he looks like he's gonna lose the race
Wiron: still hopeful. medyo delikado. last place inlalabanan niya diyot pa alng an lamang
Henri: looks like he lost
Nonoy: sure winner na

Happy Mother's Day!

hope we all remember and treat to something nice and wonderful our mothers and wives today! :-)

courtesy of batch 89

this is a pix of batch 89's generosity. sinda palan an nagpahimo san gate. how about the other batches? hmmm, gotta talk with my batchmates...

pix taken by sano otats (b87)

First Reading

By Gibbs Cadiz (B87)

"We ask you this through Christ our Lord, amen."

Time for First Reading. The boy, shy and nervous, walks towards the lectern. It's his first time to do the reading, a task he'd avoid at any cost if he could. But there is no way around it. As a junior in this high school seminary, he and his classmates have to take their turn on the altar, before a mass of other boys ready to jeer, heckle and remember any fumble he'd make for years to come. Freshmen and sophomores act as acolytes during daily mass, juniors and seniors serve as readers. None gets a pass, and now it's his turn.

He swallows hard, then opens his mouth. "The first reading is taken from the book of the Prophet Ezekiel." Can that strained, high-pitched voice be his? Did I pronounce it right, Ee-zee-kiel? His throat feels parched, sandy. His white polo shirt and black pants seem terribly hot, and he can feel his armpits steaming up.

He plows on. The lines are a blur. He tries to go faster, but then remembers the priest's admonition. It's the Word of God, give it respect, read it slowly! So he enunciates his words, never looking up from the book, determined not to get distracted by the funny looks on his classmates' faces.

Last two lines, yes!

Finished. The end. Wow, he's done it. Read right up to the last period without a hitch. Success! Must breathe easily now, wrap it up, wrap it up. A pause, then one more thing left to say: "This is the Word of the Lord."

And his mouth says: "This is the end of the world."

A second of shock, then pandemonium in the chapel. Even the priest starts giggling. He looks up, startled, realizes what he has just said, then stares horrified at the laughing mob. Nothing to do now but trudge back to his pew, face all crimson, his future flashing before his eyes. He'll never outlive this, he knows. From this day forward, at least among his peers, he's toast.

Our 25-strong high school seminary batch is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Since our graduation in March 1987, four have become priests, many more have gotten hitched, a few now live abroad, and one has passed away. But we remain extraordinarily close to one another, and have enlarged the friendship to include the wives and kids. All first-borns in the circle automatically get a ninong in the other 24. Getting gifts on Christmas and birthdays is another story. When we hold reunions, which is often and irrespective of a quorum, we always end up killing ourselves with the same old stories. God willing, we'll never stop laughing. The anecdote above is a perennial. Yep, it's a true story.

this kid just floored me. so insanely amazing. he plays really good guitar and he's just 8 yrs. old now and he has his own blues band! --quinn sullivan band. he began playing professionally at around 5 or 6 yrs. grabe. he also had a gig with the great Buddy Guy, who was so impressed with quinn. imagine, jamming with buddy guy and you're just 8 yrs. old?

he just made my day today. wouldn't it be great if you have a son who could play like him?

quinn at 6

quinn at 7

this is my favorite. mature playing na di ba? the real shit man!!!!

Sanosphere in April 2007

Batch 85

batch 85 had a rockin' reunion last april 10 at rizal beach in gubat. sagot daw ni sano bong sanez. they dont have a blog yet so ronny posted some of the pix - his younger brother, william is from batch 85

visit batch 82's blog for more pix of them.

Batch 92

Batch 92 had a black sat reunion in bacon. looks a lot of fun!

visit their blog for more pix!!!

Batch 83

bomick and family had a very enjoyable camping trip in Port Pirie.

pix and stories here...

while bebot buenaventura makes a guest appearance in batch 83's blog

Batch 87

things always seem to be happening with b87. and they're always nice enough to share them to us.

here's the latest rock band storming the chicago indie music scene -Basyang and the Funky, Funky Twirlers

go visit their fun blog. and dont forget to check out gibbs' pecs and abs hehehe

Batch 93

Batch 93 had an awesome reunion last year

Batch 94

Batch 94 turned out in force for roy's wedding

loads of new pics at their blog...

by ol arcos (b92)

(April 8, 2007 10:16 PM Easter Sunday)

While lying in bed and waiting for sleep to descend upon me, some questions popped into my lazy brain. Why are we here on Earth and why do we have to exist?

Everything around us has respective lengths of lifetimes. We travel in a four dimensional curved space time. So what is the meaning of the events across some points or happenings in between? Everything has opposites from one point or end to end. Like Genesis and Apocalypse, birth and death, ying and yang, matter and antiparticle, quantum physics and relativity, big bang until our expanding universe ends. Can we defy the boundaries of time, travel to the future or go to the past? Can we go forward or backwards? Can we travel through worm holes or black holes to defeat time? Can we remember the future?

Physics says that only if we can travel at frequencies with at least the same with the speed of light can we tweak the so called time. But no matter on Earth can go faster at the speed of light without disintegrating. Our bodies are not designed to travel at that frequency though we are convertible to frequency. Energy is frequency.

One event that comes to our minds in experiencing the past, present and future is the light energy, light frequency or photons emitted by distant stars across our universe. Emitted several years ago before we were born or million of years ago, traveling at some point somewhere in the cosmos, galaxy or universe at the present and will reach Earth maybe tomorrow, next decade or maybe beyond our lifetime. The light energy of the sun takes eight minutes to reach the Earth. Consequently, other stars in the very very vast universe will take longer.

The only frequency that I can think of defying the boundaries of time is the frequency of déjà vu and premonition which some or all of us have had experience. These are the events that we already knew from the moment it happens, and then from thence we remember the future, a pre-designed parallel universe and the inner working frequencies of our own subconscious minds. Some of us rely on tarot or card readings to foresee the future when in fact it is just the frequency of our subconscious channeled to the cards. The subconscious already knows though biblically it is not acceptable. It solely depends upon us on how to tap that frequency when will it occur. Controlling it to go forward to see events in our lifetime, or maybe put the frequency into a device for us to know some events in the future. But how about our mortal bodies? Can we convert our chemical compositions, our molecules, atoms, DNA mappings into a set of frequencies and go from one place or event to another without compromising human structure, life force, will and the human soul? At the present here on Earth we cannot, but in the future who knows? How about terrestrial intelligence outside Earth? We never know here.

Everything will work on a set of frequencies. Even the unseen works on frequencies. Will the devil in Apocalypse or Revelation use frequency? Eventually all business transactions will work on frequencies as telecom and internet protocol will converge. 3G in telecoms which is still in infancy will soon be replaced by 4G in the future. We are wired. Cables, fiber optics, and every communications media are already laid out upon the four corners of the earth. It is just the roll-outs of technologies that are being worked out. Integrated circuits in the future will work embedded into humans - from banking transactions to going to groceries and everything . Chips with sign of the devil? Just a thought. Who knows? It is in the Bible anyway. Can we go back in time to witness the creation of the Bible, witness the evolution of neanderthals, or explore the age of dinosaurs?

Human brain functionality is not yet totally deciphered, behavior varies, events on Earth varies, uncertainty principle always exists. We will eventually degenerate obeying the laws of entrophy as we always go forward in time. The probability that we are going to perish is computed at 100%, unified physics in everything around us can never be decrypted.

Life is a mystery as do falling in love. It is a mystical frequency. We can never know what is in the mind of God. The only possible and probable reason I come to mind why we exist is to follow His footsteps and to serve Him, whatever event is happening around us in our lifetime. This reason I know keeps me on firm hold to the ropes of sanity.

No further questions asked. Life is beautiful, live the most of it.

( 12:04 AM. It’s time to take a rest.I have to pray to God, for my family, for everyone and for my good night’s sleep. Lights off.)

Politician Sanos

i've heard that a good number of sanos are in the running for this year's election. in my batch, Wiron Demate (B86) is running as independent candidate for the councilorship (?) in Casiguran. While Henri Deri (B86) is also gunning for the same position in Gubat.

I think Mike Go (B92) is a sure winner for the vice mayoralty in Sorsogon.

Ding Ramos (B?) should be a hands down winner in Gubat (congressman ba o mayor?)

sin-o pa an aram nindo na mga sano na kandidato niyan na eleksyon?

Btw, they would appreciate it very much if you can contribute to their campaign funds. If you're interested in helping our Sano win this election, let me know so i can hook you up with them.

My Uncle Boy, also a sano (ka-batach ata niya sina Fr. Douglas at Fr. Chubay) passed away last wednesday from aneurysm brought about by complications from heart attack.

godspeed uncle boy.

nadagdagan na naman an mga sano na de kampanilya hehe. big shout out to sano ronald jalmanzar (b97) for having passed the 2006 bar exams!

does anybody know if there will still be a Black Sat Reunion?

Mabuhay si gibbs!!!

big congrats to gibbs whose blog was nominated for the pinoy blog awards

hanep talaga ini si fajards (b92).

sano pwede kaya ma-invite siya sa homecoming? hehehe

rest in peace fr. chubay
from the PDI

Priest dies of heart attack in protest rally
Last updated 01:14am (Mla time) 03/10/2007

A priest died of a heart attack in Sorsogon City while attending a rally against extra-judicial killings in Sorsogon province.

Msgr. Francisco Monje said Fr. Josefino Chavenia complained of chest pains as the prayer rally was about to end around 11:45 a.m. at the provincial capitol.

Chavenia was taken to the Sorsogon Doctor’s Hospital where he died about two hours later.

Monje said his brother, Dr. Norberto Monje, tried to revive Chavenia.

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes, who led the rally, expressed grief over Chavenia’s death, saying it was very unfortunate that it occurred during the “rally for life.”

Chavenia, 58, served in various capacities in the diocese and was the parish priest of Bulan town when he died.

The Sorsogon diocese organized the prayer rally to protest the continued killings of militants in the province.

In a phone interview, Bastes said the continued killings have sown fear among the people of Sorsogon.



Fr. Chubay's remains lie in state at the Balay san Padi at OLPS. Sa mga sano na makabisita, pakipangadyi na lang tabi nan pakikumusta sa mga sano nan kapadian.

Batch 81

has some pix of the olps grand alumni homecoming

Batch 82

sano ronn is kind of in a "crush mode" - do check out their blog and help him choose hehe. i kinda like surfing myself ;-)

an important announcement though --the King has been found!

old graduation pix, check out perry!

Batch 83

the arnedo family, isn't gerry's siwo cute?

Batch 86

lots of birthdays and a poignant writeup ( wounded warrior) from yayes basares
hope we can all help out yayes.

Batch 87

the most regularly updated blog in the sanosphere has lots of nice fun pix again.

family fun day - ian, otats and totep in tatay mode

if looks could kill. tato's pride and joy in fight face mode

the lucero family celebrating a birthday (?)

and lastly, in total agreement with ol, eenals is definitely super cute.

Batch 89

richard must be so busy

Batch 92

has loads of new stuff posted. seems like they're hanging out more often these days

like this get together at the beach

celebrating chinese new year

a fine, fine view

Batch 93

non must be busy also. but do check out non's personal blog

Batch 94

the motorcycle. what's the kwento with this pala?

Batch 2000

chrisly is busy too.

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