Typhoon Milenyo Update

mga sano, seems like sorsogon was hit hard by the typhoon milenyo. i was just able to talk to my brod jay (b87) tonight --he was able to get a smart sim --as only smart was operating-- and he said that sorsogon city was a mess. lots of fallen down trees, electric poles, various debris were everywhere. even salog river overflowed and flooded downtown.

guess it will be awhile for our sano bloggers in sorsogon to go online and post their stories about the bagyo as it might take some time for power to be restored there. as of the moment there's no power, no landline and satelite/radio phones and only smart cell is working.

i'm wondering what happend to the OLPS kaya. Back then in OLPS, my batchmates immensely enjoyed the aftermath of the typhoon as we have great fun collecting coconuts and other fallen down fruits and most of all gathering saba bananas which we cook into the bestest pinakro EVER!

i miss pinakro!!!!

There are some videos on Youtube about the typhoon an i'll post 2 of them. a bit lame kasi this is a recording of the news channel report on the typhoon but it shows many things and edited na so hehehehe. there are still many videos posted by ---go check them out


just to update you on some new stuff up at the Sano Blogs

Batch 86
Fr. Peewee went to the US to visit relatives and do some church work. sir ipe and ma'm reno are recent immigrants there - looking good ano. that's pinky, fr. peewee's younger sis with her two cute kids

Batch 87
B87 in manila had a sending off party for Gibbs who is off to Russia for a tourism promotion trip related to his work in Inquirer. Also up at their blog are some pics of the seminary taken by Fr. Dandy. go there and refresh your memory :-) Gibbs btw has a blog full of nice reads- go check it out here

had another b-ball scrimmage. its often held on weekends and open to all sano. contact dondee for skeds and infos -maybe leave a message in their chatbox

Mons Pax visited NY sanos Richard Montano and Fr. RJ. , Deedee Luzurriaga and Bong Sanez (who hosted he dinner at his house). Also there was Fr. Gerry and sano Ramon Palces (batch71) -- he's the guy on the left.

had what seems to be fun bday party! more pix at their blog

Batch 82
Finally found another long lost batchmate - Noel Frivaldo-- who i gather was famous for his handmade mini-komiks back then. Lots of other interesting stuff at their blog posted by tireless blogger sano Ronny Yrureta.

Prayers and good wishes..

Condolences to the family of sano Woowoo, whose sister passed away because of dengue. Mga sano in metro manila - triple ingat tabi sa dengue lalo na with your kids. kill those mosquitos!!

Lets offer prayers also for the quick recovery of Rino and Cho Coronel's mom who underwent surgery for hepatic cysts.

Prayers also to sano Totep Perez who is now in Australia as a Ford Scholarin Bond Uni. --for his success (sigurado ina) in his studies

Prayers also to all of us for good health and success. sya keep safe y'all!

Airs in G

do visit gibbs cadiz' recently revamped blog for some good readings (as always) where he writes "mostly about theater, travel, movies, music, books, personal stuff, and whatever other topics that come to mind"

Balay san Padi

this is the retirement home of the Sorsogon priests still under construction. this is beside the study hall where there used to be lots of mandarin and coconut trees. Sanos who wish to donate for the completion of the facility or who know a generous benefactor may contact the OLPS Rector or the Diocese for more info.

thanks to batch87 for the pix

Blog Maintenance Update

mga sano, i may not transfer this blog to wordpress.com after all. i just found out that wordpress.com does not support javascript or cutom html on their sidebars. this means i cannot install the chatbox/messageboard there.

guess, we'll have to wait for the blogger 2 update na lang.

blog maintenance

mga sano, im currently in the process of moving this blog to wordpress.com kay mapagalon na imaintain ini.

so this blog may sometimes be inaccessible for several hours beginning at 5:00 pm Philippine time.

We'll just try out wordpress and if it works fine then i'll go about fully transferring this blog.

the URL is http://olpseminarista.wordpress.com/

there's nothing there yet as i'm still in the process of importing the posts and comments

to the blog admins of the other batches, do try to experiment with wordpress kay mas mayad talaga.

wordpress has categories (for posts), pages (sections), sidebar widgets (no need to mess with html to manage your sidebar), no coding theme customizations and lots more cool stuff

Sano Aris Espinosa, municipal mayor of San Jacinto, Masbate, unexpectedly passed away today, 7:30 a.m. in a freak accident in his home.

According to Fr. Gerry del Prado, as relayed to him by his sister, Mayor Aris was apparently taking a shower preparing to travel to Manila for his child"s baptism when something went wrong --they suspect that maybe he was electrocuted by one of the gadgets in the bathroom, maybe the heater.

I remember Aris as a low key, happy and overall nice guy (he was sophomore during my senior year)

Our condolences to his wife Sandra Martinez Espinosa, his mother, Rep Vida Verzosa Espinosa, sister Marvi Espinosa Bravo and his kids.

Farewell and godspeed Aris.

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