sorry mga sano, i got this very late. kinda superbusy. as posted in the B87 Blog:

Condolences to the bereaved family of Rev. Fr. Butch Fajardo who passed away tonight (august 27) at SorDoc Hospital. Further info will be posted soon about the wake & funeral. Please pray for the eternal rest of the soul of Fr. Butch, a very dedicated priest.

calling all SANO designers!! need help in designing the header for this blog. here are the requirements.

1. must contain OLPS Logo
2. must contain the main text title: OLPSeminarista
3. must contain sub-title: Tambayan san mga SANO' - Alumni of the Our Lady of Penafrancia Minor Seminary in Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Philippines
4. pictures used preferably should be about OLPS life, scenes
5. should be exactly 900 pixels wide
6. send your designs to olpseminarista at yahoo

show ur mad design skillz to the SanoSphere!!! no prize money but lotsa prestige and glory!

from Batch 87

Our prayers and condolences to the family of Mr. Vicente T. Son, who passed away last August 17, 2009 due to hemorrhagic stroke. Godspeed Tio Vic.

Biogas Project sa OLPS

A commendable project sa OLPS. they are setting-up a biogas digester to save on cooking gas expenses and in the future generate additional power for OLPS needs --electricity and heat.

does that mean the toilets will have hot water???

Site for the Biogas Digester project duly approved by the PTA last General Assembly (August 1, 2009).

Visit OLPS HS for more info and updates. magayon kay lalong nagiging active na an HS niyan. damo an projects! thanks sa mga padi sa OLPS for their efforts! kaya mga sano, if you are feeling charitable these days, OLPS could really use your help. kindly contact the Fr. Rector.

Mga Sano! Father Rector is asking for suggestions na name para sa OLPS Minor Varsity Team. post your suggestions sa comment and i'll paste it here. Go on to live in the OLPS lore as the sano who bestowed the OLPS varsity name!!!! dali-dali na kamo! Also basi may Sano o batch na gusto mag-sponsor san varsity team --uniform, food, transpo, etc please contact Fr. Rector.

The Seminary Varsity will be joining the Sorsogon Juniors Basketball League on August 20 - September 08, 2009. Our varsity basketball team is under the able hands of our own Sano, Coach Aldin V. Ayo (batch 94). We would like to solicit the support of all Sano out there.

If you are around Sorsogon please be present during the scheduled games. We would like also to ask for suggestions on the OLPS "moniker" and not only that.... if any generous Sano would like to sponsor the team uniform, it would be highly appreciated.

For many years the Seminary has dominated the field of Basketball in Sorsogon but we had been out of the limelight for some time now. Our return to the field does not promise to bring back the golden days of Seminary Basketball but at least have our presence felt again. And with a dear hope that someday we shall rise and shine again.
Visit the OLPS minor blog for more news and pics

Got this from B87, thanks to the indefatigable Tato Marcial and the B87 guys, mga pump primers pag naghihingalo na an Alumni nan prime movers sa mga Alumni activities.

(which reminds me-- buhay pa baya idto na poso sa Minor? the main source of the Sano tattoo --an buni sa singit-- hehehehe)

Minutes of the OLPS Alumni Meeting

Mango Grill, Sorsogon City
July 25, 2009

In Attendance :

Atty. Tootsie Cubias Tato Marcial
Philip Renovalles Gerald Angeles
Totep Perez Arnest Dimaano
Lloyd Lopez Bobet Laban

Meeting Proper

The group discussed the following concerns :

1. Proposed Alumni Homecoming Schedule of Activities (October 17, 2009)

7AM – Registration (Registration Fee – P100 only)
8 AM – Motorcade (from SNHS grounds – around Sorsogon City Proper – OLPS)
10 AM – Mass
11AM – General Assembly
12 Noon – Lunch by Batch
4 PM – Basketball Game (St. Gregory Alumni Vs. OLPS Alumni – 35 yrs. old up)
7PM – Fellowship Night c/o Batch 84

Note :
A. Attending alumni are encouraged to wear the official OLPS alumni polo shirt (yellow).
B. Official OLPS Alumni shirts are still available for sale during the event.
C. Batch 84 requests for old class picture of each batch for the souvenir program. Please send them thru email at attention Ipe Renovalles.

2. National Organization of Bicolano Ex – seminarians

Totep Perez informed the group on the plan to establish a national organization of Bicolano Ex-seminarians, however, the crafting of the concept paper is still pending.

Next meeting will be on August 15, 2009, 8PM at the Southside Bar & Resto (owned by Dr. Pipo Amador), Salog, Sorsogon City.




Vice - President

i don't know the details yet but Batch81 along with many Bulusenos are campaigning to halt the construction of the gas station inside the church property.

the church seems to be spanish era. wonder what the National Historical Commision will say about this. This probably got approved too by a church authority --but what was he thinking???

Mga sano! let us put a stop to this stupidity. sign the online petition here...

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