Our prayers and condolences to the family of Gibbs Cadiz (B87) whose father passed away yesterday - April 27.

Here's an invitation from the Philippine Alliance of Xseminarians

please visit www.pax-interra.com hope you can send delegates to the national convention of ex seminarians this april 25 and 26 at christ the king seminary e. rodriguez ave., quezon city for details call atty. ribo 09193274512

sino saindo tabi an pwede mag-represent san OLPS?

Thanks to Fr. Totoy Alacantara for sharing this.

Vicariate of Sts. Peter and Paul

Cathedral- Fr.Rene Mabute-Rector, Vicar General, Pvs-Fr.Jugene Espeleta, Rev.Noel Espaldon
Fatima- Fr.Gerry Del Prado, Pvs-Fr.Arje Flestado, Rev.Christly Ereno
Guinlajon- Fr.Louie Buenaobra
Bacon- Fr.Douglas Dimaano
Buenavista- Fr.Leo Doloiras

Vicariate of Our Lady of Pilar

Pilar- Fr.Sabino Fulo-EV, PV-Fr.Rowan Gramonte
Donsol- Fr.Jojo Revidad, PV-Fr.Romy Dimaano
Putiao- SOLT Fathers
Cumadcad- Fr.Joel Teruel
Castilla- Fr.Benny Furo

Vicariate of St.Antonio De Padua

Gubat- Msgr.Pax Monje-EV, Pvs-Fr.Vernon Zulueta, Fr.Japee Valdez
Bentuco- Fr.Ninoy Lagarde
Pto.Diaz- Fr.Totoy Alcantara
Barcelona- Fr. Pee-Wee Renovalles
Bulusan- Fr.Edu Fulay, PV-Fr.Boy Quino

Vicariate of St.Michael The Archangel

Irosin- Fr.Entong Benavides-EV, PV-Fr.Ronnie Dollosa, Fr.Odine Areola(Director of Schools)Residence Irosin
Casiguran- Fr.Arwyn Diesta, PV-Rev.Erwin Chavez
Juban- Fr.Treb Futol, PV-Fr.Naph Fumera
Magallanes- Fr.George Fajardo, PV-Fr.Arnel Ayo
Gabao- Fr.Carlos Babasa

Vicariate of Immaculate Conception

Bulan- Fr.Enie Mendina-EV, Pvs-Fr.Lolito Fuentes, Fr.Bert Traballo, Fr.Rowan Rebustillo
Polot- Fr.Dionisio Delota
Butag- Fr.Tony Sardo
Matnog- Fr.Alex Jerus
Sta.Magdalena- Fr.Elmer Hagos


Highschool- OIC Rector- Fr.Totep Erestain
College- Rector- Fr.Jun Elegado, Fr.Rudin Din, Fr.Cyben Vitug
Economus- Fr.Alex Zamora

On Loan Priests to other Diocese

Virginia USA- Fr.Jeff Garcia, Fr.Steve Antes, Fr.Burt Sare, Fr.Henry Diesta, Fr.Egay Cleofe
Kansas(Dodge City)USA- Fr.Jimmy Barrozo

On Vacation Leave

Fr.Elias Escanilla, Fr.Joseph Buising, Fr.Vicboy Dollentas, Fr. Joel Bilan, Fr.Ramil Enteria


EV- Episcopal Vicar
PV- Parochial Vicar

after a rather long hiatus, am reviving the sanosphere -- a digest of the batch blogs.

Batch 97

Congrats to the recently ordained priests from this batch

Rev. Fr. Ronnie Dollosa
Rev. Mr. Erwin Marc Chavez
Rev. Mr. Noel Espaldon

Batch 96

The manila-based batchmates had a reunion last april

Batch 94

Aldin and Joy are the proud parents of Antonio miguel

Batch 93

Dan Grefal got hitched and with him on his wedding day were batchmates Nonon Gutlay, Ian Renovalles, Allen Erestain, Jong Lim, Jack Endaya, Jepoi Chua, Elat Guirindola

Batch 92

Lotsa things happening to this batch. they're hanging out with the great Mr. Ely Buendia

then pa-kape nan wifi sa coffeeshop somewhere

then had a splash at the cam sur waterparks

and had a go at wakeboarding

Batch 89

is conducting a poll on the venue for their 20th Anniversary Reunion

Batch 87

Chicago-based Ojie Lucero came back for a brief visit and his batchmates treated him to a roaring balikbayan party. Lotsa pix at their blog

Batch 86

Yayes shares his thoughts on reaching the big 4-0h. hehe life begins at 40 di ba?

Batch 84

hmm looks like they forgot they had a blog hehehe. i chanced upon art lim on facebook.

Batch 83

The gang had an awesome get together recently i heard and they also did great work in organizing last year's homecoming. lotsa pix on their blog. an duwa na gerry ini.

Batch 82

not much happening to 82 guys i guess. still sano ronny is holding the fort. drop by their blog and give him a shout-out ok? the pix was during the penafrancia celebration.

Batch 81

Sano Chuck is valiantly keeping the blog alive. say hi when u visit ok? some pix unearthed from Sano Dr. Jun Bolonia (i remember his geeky brod dong bolunia - hain na daw)

Batch 80

You remember they donated a bunch of stuff to OLPS Minor last year di ba? Thanks to Mene who's done a great job reconnecting his batchmates and helping OLPS.

Till here mga sano and if you happen to bump or link-up with a Sano. do invite him to visit this tambayan and also if they dont have a blog do your best to convince him to put up one. ok?


OLPS on Facebook

mga sano, just found out na igwa palan facebook page an OLPS. join na kamo

see the fb page here....

The Very Reverend Father Roger Joseph B. Erestain, JCL (OLPS Batch1990-1994) is the new Rector of OLPS Minor. Aside from being the Rector, he serves concurrently as the Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese; a member of the Judicial Board, Seminary Council, and Seminary Board; and the Board secretary of SAPEPAU and GNSFI. He was appointed as OIC Rector of the seminary last Holy Thursday, April 9, 2009. He will assume office at the start of the school year 2009-2010.

Joining him in managing the seminary will be Rev. Mr. Edmon Benzon. Rev. Edmon was ordained to the order of deacons just recently (March 26, 2009). The seminary is still waiting for the return of the persons who went on study leave abroad.

Rev. Fr. Jasper D. Valdez, who was the Prefect of Seminarians for the past 5 years, will be assigned as parochial vicar of the Parish of St. Anthony of Padua in Gubat, Sorsogon.

Congrats Fr.Erestain and we pray and hope that you will bring OLPS Minor to even greater prestige and renown. :-)

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