fr. gerry has a blog at lotsa pix. he looks so different without the glasses :-)

Our condolences and prayers to Mervs Hael's family whose dad died last saturday May 18, 2008

nag r&r an staff san minor sa ilocos. more pix sa OLPS Minor

calling all sano interested to help out in the prep works for the 2008 OLPS foundation day, please sign up here. Batch 83 is in charge of this year's foundation day and they need all our help to make this year's foundation day the best ever.

i have no idea yet about the plans re from the OLPS minor or from B83 but they could surely use our help. ok?

one of the problems frequently encountered is communicating will all the sano. perhaps some sano there in sorsogon can help out Ms. Halcon or whoever is in charge of OLPS Alumni Relations to send out letters/emails/text to all sano about the foundation activities.

suggestions are most welcome here and i'll email them to padi rector and to gerry arnedo (b83) and also circulate them via our mailing list.

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