heh, its been a slow month here so i'll liven things up a bit... if you're still disappointed with how your life turned out after you went out of the seminary then read this and maybe you'll find something inspiring or whatever. who knows you might be the next tom cruise :-D

From Hollywood superstars to adulterous dilettantes, several seminary dropouts have managed to find success in the secular world. Here’s a sampling of the finest in almost-clergy.

click here to know these famous ex-seminaristas.

Beowulf back when

Remember the legendary english teacher Ms. Resurreccion and the equally legendary required english lit topic --Beowulf? Here's Gibbs' entertaining writeup about them... (i hope ms. rexy is doing fine these days, any news about her?)

Aha, so it's pronounced “BAY-wulf.” All these years my high school classmates and I have pronounced it “BEE-wulf,” like how were taught in English literature. The release of the movie should prompt us to consider holding one of our usual reunions just so we could officially adopt the proper pronunciation of the name.

You see, “Beowulf” isn't just a story to us. Mention the word, and it brings back a lot of happy memories. We're silly sentimental SOBs like that.

We learned about Beowulf and Grendel and Grendel's monster mother not from Neil Gaiman, but in traditional high school English literature. I'm not sure if students today are still taught this old English epic poem. Our teacher was Mrs. Resurreccion, a white-haired, motherly, tiny bird of a lady, all 4'11" of her (perhaps even shorter).

continue reading gibbs' writeup here...

here's B92 during a recent scrimmage in aemilianum. being that i heard they field the mightiest B-ball team of all sano batches ;-) am thinking is a match between the metro manila champs B83 and the sorsogon champs B92 not too far off?? even unavoidable???

who will win? who will surrender?? hehehe abangan!

more pix in here


here's the OLPS '83 Macho Gwapings Forever! team (from left to right, SF Leo Baloloy, SG, Choy Banaga, Playing Coach PG Gerry A, Center Perry Labayo and SF, Haile Frivaldo) -- who completely dominated and demolished the formidable Pfizer Managers in a thrilling basketball series held these month

head over to the B83 blog for pix and deets

tree planting sa minor

one of the activities during the homecoming was tree planting. this is a good idea since OLPS is almost arot na with most of the tress felled down by past typhoons.

so if you should find yourself in sorsogon one of these days, take a little time out to plant a tree in OLPS. it would be cool to go back again in a few years or so and see your tree all grown up di ba?

here is sano ronny planting a tree

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