parade pics taken by sano ronny

some pics taken by B92 during the 2007 homecoming. medyo konti lang daw dumating but it was fun day nonetheless

the B92 guys having a great time!!!

and these gals daw ang naghatid saya hehehe. ayan dili magbasol an dili naka-attend san homecoming ha.

view pics taken by sano ronny (B82)

and view the pics taken by the b92 guys

this jolted me a bit when i read today. seems like a sorsogon priest has been excommunicated. his name sounds familiar but i dont remember his face at all. anyways here's the story

A Catholic priest from Sorsogon, excommunicated by the Church for breaking the “seal of confession,” said on Thursday he planned to appeal his case before Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes and the Catholic Church hierarchy in the Philippines.

Father Alejandre V. Galias told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that he would seek an audience with Bishop Bastes and explain his side. He said he would ask the bishop to revoke his excommunication and restore his authority to perform his priestly duties.

When interviewed on Thursday, the 58-year-old priest said he was continuing his normal routine as priest. But when asked if he was still saying masses, Galias refused to comment.

Galias said he found his excommunication questionable as he was not given due process.

In a decree dated September 21, 2007, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sorsogon declared the penalty of “latae sententiae excommunication” against Galias

read the full story here.....

so i got bored and googled the unfortunate padre's name and got this

and this shows the latin text of the excommunication (this is a nice sorsogon catholic themed blog maintained by fr. abe, crs)

hay naku- parang maintriga dating hehehe.

2007 OLPS Intrams

the 2007 OLPS minor Intrams kicked off yesterday. The intramurals' theme is: Clash of the Empires! Celts, Spartans, Sioux...

more deets and pix at the OLPS Minor website

2007 OLPS Homecoming

so after a lot of wondering, turns out there will be a homecoming this year. it will be on Oct. 17, 2007 (its on a wednesday -- why not on a weekend kaya???) anyways here's the sked

Homecoming Sked

October 17, 2007

8:00 AM - Registration

9:00 AM - Holy Eucharist

10:30 - Tree Planting

11:30 AM - Lunch (Agape)
Entertainment during lunchtime

1:00 PM - Bingo Socials

3:00 PM - Outdoor Games
Volleyball: Mothers of Seminarians vs. Faculty
Basketball: Fathers of Seminarians vs. SANO
Priests vs. SANO

6:00 PM - Departure

here's the front of the invitation card

and the inside

so mga maka-attend, please please take lots and lots of pictures and email them to me for posting here.

i may not be able to go coz medyo alanganin ang sked, being on a midweek and all. 3 days ding absent yun.

have fun!!!

ok, time to do this again. nothing much to share. seems like everybody's busy and the blogs aren't updated regularly anymore. its also a bummer that by the looks of it there would be no 2007 Homecoming.

Batch 81

hasn't been updated in long while but do leave a message for sano chuck in their chat box

Batch 82

Sano Ronn joined the OLPS outing ( his son is currently a freshman)

Batch 83

the gang celebrated donnie boy's bday (guested by no less than regine velazquez and ogie alcasid)

they're also in heavy training for the coming basketball game on Oct. 12 where they will battle it out with the Pfizer Managers for b-ball supremacy. maybe we can go and cheer them on. or ipangadyi na lang hehehehe.

Batch 84

haven't been updated for a while now

Batch 86

oh, nothing there but birthdays and exams hehe. inhurugakan na ada. maybe we'll meet again 20 years from now hehehehe.

Batch 87

one of the livelier batch blogs around. they also have lots of slideshow albums and a podcast (first sano blog to make one)

pls confine your eyes to ojee's son ok? hehe.

sano ojee and sano sanni visited fr. roy eco in florida.

Batch 89

i think richard is having a hard time contacting his batchmates. nothing new there

Batch 92

sano mike go had a great time with his kids out on family day. do check out the pupitre videos up on their blog.

Batch 93

allen's team bagged the trophy in a paintball tourney in dubai.

Batch 94

kuki and sasa dugan are proud parents of baby boy dugan

Batch 96

fr. ro was recently ordained priest and serves as parochial vicar kan Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

they have a cool website with lots of features. go check it now!!. also check out their photo album for pix of the coke college

Batch 97

the newest blog in the sanosphere. go visit for a look see.

Batch 2000

hasn't been updated in a long while. chrisly graduated from his theo studies and is now back in the diocese

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