all blacks haka

the All Blacks (New Zealand's National Rugby Team) traditionally start their rugby matches with the haka

this is the most frequently used version the "Ka Mate"

this is a scarier version - "Kapa O Pango"

Our deepest condolences to totep's and junjun's family on the passing away of their father.

May God give him eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace.


Tio Nonong's body lies in state at their house in village. Internment in scheduled on friday. to those who can visit totep and junjun, do convey our condolences

mga sano let's offer prayers to:

dante arcos (b86) -brod of ol arcos (b92) who's taking the bar exams -- 2nd week ninda niyan- na sana makapasar and to totep (b87) and junjun perez's (b84) dad who will be undergoing a risky bladder operation -- na sana the operation will go well and that he will soon be back in good health.

here's dondee and the gang rockin' it out

soccer time!!!

hamamani an labuy ha? pix from batch92

Welcome Batch 1997

let's all welcome still another new addition to the ever expanding Sanosphere!. welcome batch 97!

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