OLPS Shirts!!!!!

the perfect gift for your loved and unloved ones. bili bili na!!!!!!

how much tabi ini padre? and anong sizes ang available? me kiddie sizes din po ba?

maybe this would be a good venture for OLPS to go into --- OLPS branded apparel (shirts, shorts, jerseys, hoodies etc) and accessories (coffee mugs, wall clocks, pens, keychains etc).

what a pleasant surprise today. i just found out via B82 blog that the rector--fr. egay has created a blog for the OLPS Minor Seminary. Great work padre!

do check out the blog here

also check out their fantastic 2007 year book. galing naman a.

padre egay, can i make three requests if it isn't much of a trouble for you.

a. do you have an mp3 of the OLPS Hymn? paemail naman po.
b. also do you have a pdf file of the 2006-2007 scintilla? paemail din
c. pahingi rin po pala ng High resolution file ng OLPS logo.

kindly email to olpseminarista (at) yahoo dot com

btw, kelan kaya susunod ang blog ng coke seminary? calling fr. henry hehehehe

Mga SANO donasyon tabi

Mga Sano, basi pwede naton tabi matabangan an OLPS maski kung ano lang kaya ta..Thanks in advance mga Sano :)

Adi tabi an pinturahan. Looks like laen lang tolo (3) o upat (4) na balde sadi an kaipuhan, tsk, tsk, tsk.

According to Fr. Rector, an estimate na in-present saiya san pintor would be about Php 20,000 (kaopod na daw an sa labor) for this area.

Nano tabi sa pagkita nindo mga classmates? Maybe we can shoulder half of it, or, maybe (and it is very possible naman diba Tidi?) the entire papintura sadi na part san beloved OLPS naton.
Actually pati an facade nangangaipo naman sin makeover. Pero ini nalang muna siguro an hatagaan ta sin priority as a batch. Sentimental ini na part, if you remember the stunts of Luking and Tidi dida sa second floor, hehehe...

Feedback asap please. Hopefully the Sorsogon-based batchmates could meet asap to finalize things out.

PS.Kun natatandaan nindo, amo ini an narugado san typhoons Milenyo and Reming. Mayad ngani kay naayos man in time for the school year. Hingoha man baya an seminary fathers ta na makasolicit funds for the repairs and all. Maybe we can help, since laen man kita nakaparadi para ma-assign man sa OLPS, then this is our part. Hehehe...

Welcome Batch 84!

wowoweee!! another class has joined the Sanosphere. give a round of applause to Batch 84

visit their blog here olps84.blogspot.com

the site was created and maintained by the dd luzurriaga.

mucho thanks dd!

Sige share tayo ng ating first day or first night sa OLPS. Sige ako muna:

I was very nervous coming to the seminary. I absolutely didnt know anybody coz i was the only one from Castilla. Most of my classmates had friends who were also incoming freshmen and were classmates during elementary. Everything was bit strange- the people, the smell of the dorm and the CR. the dorm with its rows of bed covered with white bed covers reminded me of a hospital.

I had fun arranging my stuff in the cabinet. i felt like a grown-up. It amused me also that my mother religiously followed the clothing list given by the seminary - so i vividly remember having 12 pairs of briefs --and she insisted that it should be in different colors so it would be easier for me to avoid wearing a pair twice in a row.

My senses of dread though was minimized by noise and activity from the people around ---the noise from seminarians, parents and family members arguing or helping set up the cabinet and beds, the clanging of tbars and beds. somehow i was happy coz it was the first time i felt a sense of independence from my parents.

Anyways, the first night was fun too, especially setting up the mosquito net on the t-bars. and it was good too that the seniors helped us set up the beds. The beadle then was larry manda, he looked like a very huge guy to us during that time, i was actually very afraid of him. So when he said its lights off, i immediately went to bed. i had trouble sleeping but somehow after a while i managed to sleep.

after an hour or so to my deep embarrassment, i promptly rolled off my bed . good thing that being a very thin guy the mosquito net caught me and i didnt hit the floor. and also thanks to Glenn Pato and to Donor who kindly put me right back on my bed and never teased me about it the whole year they were there.

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