By Charles Maximus, B2000

here's a nice reflective piece from charles maximus of b2000. i retitled pala the post. i can totally relate with charle's experiences- as i also found out after leaving college seminary that life "outside" is hard, confusing and chaotic. its a culture shock that takes a long time getting over with. do visit their blog pala though it hasn't been updated in a while. chrisly must be busy :-)

It is 1:34 in the morning.

Well, what can I say. Living in the seminary for 8 years was like living in an idea. As seminarians, we were succumbed to the knowledge that life is easy and that we will be able to handle every situation with ease and hassle free. We were like a child, a blankslate who was given everything that he needs.

We thought that life in the seminary is hard, difficult because of the pressure imposed especially on studies. And to think that it is the only thing on my mind that is hard to do in the seminary. Yet we complain. It is hard and difficult. Yes it is.

Philosophy is really a hard course. Too much of philosophy is insanity, little of it is ignorance. But you see, aside from studying, whatelse is hard in the seminary? Is it hard to play basketball everyday? How bout cleaning the grounds or dorms? Is it hard to eat especially if you're food is already served? Yes we complain bout the hardships that we face inside the seminary. I doubt if once we leave the seminary, we will not complain... I said that living in the seminary is like living in an idea. Once we leave the seminary, there is the reality...the reality we learned in philosophy.

The true face of life awaits us outside the ideal. Some would hide; others will run; still others would complain. But the big question is; how far will we think we can escape reality? We cant. We have to face it and struggle to face it until we die.

On personal basis, I've been working for 2 years. Though I am able to apply and share the abundant knowledge from the seminary, still I fell short. There is still lacking. And so even if I did my best, my best isnt really good enough to pull things over. Experiences of delayed salaries, memos and shouting of boss are just mere examples of what I encounter and still I find myself hanging for the reason that without work I dont have anything to support my needs.

You see in the province, you maybe able to eat with just P5 at hand while in Manila you cant. You will starve to death. You might ask; why don't i leave manila and return to Bicol? The answer is simple. Challenges and sacrifices will make us a strong person. For a diamond to have a perfect shape it should be handcrafted perfectly. Working is just an example of how hard life would be. Other people experience more hardships than mine.

In Manila, you will see the reality. Starving people. Children sleeping on bridges, overpass, newspapers, etc...holdups, pickpockets. thousands of applicants applying for a few openings lining up for interviews. this is reality. we may stumble and fall. but we cant escape, we cant go back. the only motion is to move on. learn from it and face the hardships that the reality is imposing on us.

This is just a glimpse of what could be the culture shock that a newly grad seminarian will undergo once he leave the seminary. So while inside the seminary, enjoy and value the time you have coz when the time for you to leave the seminary a new life awaits you and there is no turning back.

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