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SanoSaurus is live!

thanks to roy (B94) for the brilliant idea. i didnt even know yahoogroups had this database feature. but there it is the SanoSaurus - the lexicon of sano slang - is live and waiting for your words.

you can post and edit the lexicon by being a member of the olpsano mailing list. i've sent out invites yesterday. pls. activate them and send me more sano emails addresses so they too can be invited to the mailing list.

once u logged in to the olpsano click the "database" link on the right side, click "SanoSaurus" and click "add record" or click "edit".

I've no rules defined yet. but one thing that i would insist on would be to allow multiple definitions of a single word to account for and indicate the evolution of its meaning across the years.

so for example the word "iskaramusa" as defined by otats is different from how you defined it in 1972 and you would like it reflected in the lexicon, then what you do is "add a new record" titled iskaramusa and add a year or year range to that.

thus your word entry would be "iskaramusa 1972"

i think this is a far easier method of allowing multiple definitions with out adding too many fields and confusing first time users. i'm very open to suggestions though.

i would suggest also that you type your definitions in word or notepad first coz the text box in the database is so short its hard to see what you are typing. then after you're done, just cut and paste it in the definition field.


the sano dictionary was originally conceptualized by bomick the great. "sanosaurus" was coined by fr. gerry del prado (B?) in one of his IMs to me. roy suggested we setup the dictionary on yahoogroups database.

next project is gerry arnedo's feature request to setup a section where we can post something about our olps mentors.

Sano Mailing List

i sent out tonight the invites for the Sano mailing list. hope you got it. do send me email adds of other sanos you know so i can add them to the mailing list.

first topic i guess would be the SanoSaurus - the lexicon of the sano

on another note, according to my brod jay (b87) who just arrived from sorsogon, it appears that typhoon reming spared sorsogon and hit really hard legazpi and daraga. although he says there's still no electricity, landline phone or cellphone signal in the whole of sorsogon and seeing all the destruction the typhoon caused it might be sometime before these services are restored.

am guessing power generators and push-to-talk phones (CB radio/cellphone) would make for a great gift this Xmas to your loved ones in sorsogon hehehe

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