as suggested by sano bomick, we're gonna try to build a dictionary of sano slang/words.

actually i'm not very enthusiastic about this thing/feature coz its kinda like a private thing for us.

and as one sano said "publishing some sort of lexicon would rob the "mystique" of the sano experience. after all, if you do not understand the language, then clearly you are not a sano".

maybe as soon as blogger has a feature for posting private content or password protected posts or areas then we can start with it.

what do you sanos think about this?

Batch 83 had a despedida for Israel Gamis last Nov. 15 at Gerry's Grill. I remember Gamis as this reed thin, quiet and studious guy. But now he's looking all Mr. Suave (bagay sa mtv san parokya ni edgar, hehe). More deets and pix at their blog here

with the past weeks annoyances behind (pldt dsl outages, blogger outage, work deadlines, anonymous coward posters etc. etc,) i finally am able to report on the "State of the Sanosphere"

Batch 81

Had a rockin' beer and goat fueled reunion last Oct. 30 at the Donsol Parish hosted by Fr. George "Ninja" Fajardo (wonder if he still teaches karate and the secret ways of the ninja to minor seminarians - hehehe). Present were John, Joey, Vic, Raymund, Wowo, Art, Alvin, Charlie, Jun.

Bagan masiramun adto na kanding :D

Go visit their blog for the fun pix and stories

Batch 82

their blog has been silent for a while now. maybe still reeling from the wrath of typhoon milenyo :-p

sano ronny seems to be still offline. badi wara pa kuryente sainda sa gubat

they're still on the lookout for long-lost batchmate Art Fortuno though. so if anybody knows where he is do give sano ronny a heads up ok?

Batch 83

Always entertaining for the chick, booze, music and other husband survival tips :-) do check out Bomick's poems too. also noticed that the great larry manda has benn posting again. wonder when he will post his short films on the blog.

Batch 86

Is on a bit of business mode nowadays.

Batch 87

Totep Perez experiences life as a roman in Bond Uni and continues to endure bouts of homesickness. go visit and drop him a line to cheer him up a bit :-) yakang-yka yan totep!

while Paul and Koji have some apple picking fun with Koji's family

also Otats, Jay, Lloyd and Gerald had a beer fest at Balkon. Para daw idto sa mga kabatch ninda na OFS (overseas filipino sano)

Batch 82

this and other new pix at their blog. sin-o kaya an pinaka-batal didi hehehe

prayers pala for the good health of sano Dondee who's been diagnosed with some form of lung ailment. read his nicely written reflection about it here.

Batch 89

Richard Montano is still waiting for his batchmates to post on their blog. Mike Dagnalan has his blog up and running here

Batch 93

still scanning the pics to be posted yata :-)

Batch 94

had a pasta al pomodoro with red horse party of sorts

Batch 2000

The newest blog on the Sanosphere is still taking babysteps. watch out for more pix and stories millenium style. Chrisly Ereno maintains the blog. He is currently a 4th year Theology stude at the Collegio Sedes Sapientiae in Rome.



Sano's personal blogs


Class of '92 IDOLS!

Jetski nano daw kun iban ta ini? Maribukon man ini na taga call center. AIX sa IBM gamit sada.

mga sano, go visit the batch 2000. chrisly ereno maintains the site.

The Potter's Jar

Fr. PJ Alindogan has a blog where he posts what looks like his sermons and poems.

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