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Happy Independence Day!

We held our summer reunion in Cebu last may 19-22, generously hosted by tyrone.

we're kinda like celebrating our batch's 20th anniversary in a very extended way so we're having lots of reunions lately -hehehe. plus we have something up our sleeves that we're planning to get up and rolling so watch out :-)

finally the long awaited world cup here. anybody know which local cable/channel will be showing the games live?

i spent a good deal of time channel surfing last night and wasn't able to see live the kick off and and germany's win over costa rica Posted by Picasa

Ex-sem times

more new pix at the batch87 blog. fr. dandy seems to have taken a liking to html recently and has tweaked the site templates. way to go fr. dandy

this is a group of B85-87 sanos recently liberated from the stern clutches of the seminary hehehe enjoying life as Ex-Sems in the universities of legazpi city

Sano Richard Montano (B89) with lovely wife Rowena Deyto (from Bacon, Sorsogon) and daughter Raissa. Richard does IT work in an NY company

Sano Bong Sanez' family

Sano Bong with his lovely wife Vilma Cantuba (of Manila and Naga). They have a daughter named Camille.

Sano Bong is an NY lawyer specializing in immigration. you can learn more about his work by visiting his website http://sanezlaw.com/ Posted by Picasa

Welcome Batch 89

woweeee!!! dagdag na naman na SANO blog!!! kaya lang wara pa laman hehehe anyway Batch 89 we'll keep u in mind

sano richard montano created it and is calling out for his batchmates to help him maintain it.

the comments feature is currently turned off in their blog so his batchmates may leave their messages for him here in the meantime

Visit Batch 93 Blog

Batch 93 has a new blog here. Welcome to the blog community of OLPS. It's fun here. Hain na blogs san iba na batches?:)

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