our congratulations to aying ante who passed the recent 2005 bar exams. badaw, dako na harandaan ini ano aying hehehehe

Msgr. Augusto G. Laban celebrated his 50th Sacerdotal Anniversary last March 17, 2006 at the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Sorsogon

Wow, 50 years of priestly life!

lotsa sano congratulations Mamo and best wishes ahead!

(pix from b92 blog)

PGMA in the Seminary!

got this from the b92 blog. seems like president arroyo came to the seminary --she attended the "Thanksgiving Mass for the Golden Jubilee Sacerdotal Anniversary of "Mamo" Augusto G. Laban last March 17 at the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral... Karaon pakatapos sa OLPS Minor Seminary".

go visit the recently resurrected batch 92 blog for more pics. mayad man kay nadagdagan an posts hehehehe :-) tyaragaan lang talaga an pag-update sa blog.

siya we look forward to more news from batch 92.

SANO in the making!

Atty.A. Cubias address the assembly about the vision, the objectives and the dreams..nan an karaon..

fr. pax was our rector during the four years our batch (b86) was in olps minor. we probably drove him nuts sometimes hehehehe. but olps was better when he was there. hope he becomes rector again :-)

today he celebrates 30 years as a priest.
fr. pax, we wish you more meaningful years of priesthood ahead.

More SANO Pix

Sano Mayor Ding Ramos addressing the whole assembly. Ding Ramos has been instrumental in sustaining the alumni group and has been very active in alumni affairs

More SANO Pix

bagan sim art lim ina na may plato a :-) Posted by Picasa

SANO in the making!

si tato marcial (b87) lang an nabayhunan ko didi Posted by Picasa

SANO in the making!

these are pix from mene dimaano. i'll be posting one pix a day so ya'll have something new to see everyday that u visit.

these pix were taken during the first SANO assembly yata. am not very familiar with the SANO story but i vaguely remember my brother jay telling me about it. but it was so long ago. jay said it was a good reunion and everybody had loads of fun!

these probably were the officers getting sworn in. those in the know kindly supply the correct captions for the pix ok?

thanks again sano mene for sending the these pix. mapangadyi kami na hatagan ka sin dagdag na kusog para ma-scan an intero na pix mo hehehe

this is new yata. seems like minor seminaries in luzon are now holding a yearly sportsfest. pero this is for third year semianrians only. its called Sangkan. and olps was among the particpants in Sangkan 3.

during my time, there was BAMS and olps hosted it. i dont remember if we were the champs but i think we won in a lot of games hehehe ;-)

this is the news article about Sangkan 3

and this is a blog of a seminarian from guadalupe minor semianary on his participation in Sangkan 4. interesting naman mga blogs niya. nakakaremind nung kapanuhan natin kaya lang wala pa internet at blogs nun.

once you go to his blog just search for "sangkan"

kitaa baya ha kay mayadonon man ano :P

search for ms. sorsogon 2005 daw ini.

more deets and pix here

the sorsogon update site is diligently maintained by a guy named manny ferrer.

on his main page right now is a feature about the old houses of sorsogon starring an balay nira Pads Monje, nira miles mella

he has also lots of pix about sorsogon

kaya kun napupung-aw na kamo sa sorsogon bisitaha lang an website niya

names list

this is a lame post :D but i got nothing new to post. this list probably was generated from spam email - kinda like a school alumni list. its interesting nonetheless.

click here to view the list

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