Fr. James Alindogan

here's an article mentioning fr. pedro who currently serves as a parochial vicar at St. Barnabas Church, Bayville, N.J., in the Diocese of Trenton.

hmm, i wonder whats with filipino priests serving abroad? hehehe maybe we have so many priests that we have send them abroad too. ano kaya tawag sa kanila? OFP? overseas filipino priests :D

SOLT Priests

here's a website of SOLT priests. i only know two guys here, saligumba and andre. wonder what happened to the others coz there were many of them who attended coke seminary when i was a freshman there. they were great guys btw, easy to get along with and really serious about pursuing the priestly life -hehehe


boring pupitre Posted by Picasa


apologies for the blurry shot of the 2nd most important equipment/equipment in the seminary. the much loved study table we call "pupitre".

i learned during 3rd year that the best way to get the best pupitre is to come a day ahead of the seminary school year opening and scope out the best and drag it over to my assigned spot.

we also had fun covering and decorating the pupitres with pictures (cars, sports, women, saints, hehehe) and stickers Posted by Picasa

the Bell

the bell pretty much governed seminary life. it was probably the most powerful object in the whole of seminary :D in that it dictates what you do at a certain time period hehehe. but now in olps they use a big electric buzzer. dekorasyon na lang yata itong bell.

i remember that being the timekeeper was one of the most envied work assignment back then Posted by Picasa

Who let the Pads out?

mga sano, igwa palan ki website an sorsogon diocese. unfortunately, there's not much content there. but it has this pix of Pads- bagan sina padre totoy, albert, jun and fulay ini ada. ano daw kaya ini? boyband? :D

and on the bishop page, its weird coz it says "The Diocese of Sorsogon has two bishops. . ." ???

fr. gerry del prado commented:

PADS is a boyband, sort of, hehe. it is actually composed of 6 priests (fr treb futol, alex jerus, jun elegado, edu fulay, totoy alcantara and ramil enteria).

It has already presented 2 concerts: PRIESTYLE - at the colegio de la milagrosa, several parishes in sorsogon, imus cathedral and a catholic school in paranaque.and PADS IN LOVE - a valentine concert presented ta the sorsogon gymnasium to raise funds for the diocese of sorsogon home for the clergy. We (i count myself in, as i have been drawm to the group to act as coordinator-manager, glorified alalay actually) have actually been featured in the philippine inquirer after pads in love.

PADS has come out with its eponymous CD, a collection of original compositions by alex j, treb and jun e. musical arrangement by sanni gargallo, at whose g cliff production studios in casiguran the recording was done. (hint: get a copy and help us market it. fr treb still has a lot of copies in sorsogon). PADS actually means Priest-Artists, Diocese of Sorsogon. We hope it's not a very ambitious name, building on a term of endearment (?) that sorsogon uses for priests.

About the two bishops, I suppose that was posted before Bishop Varela retired and the Nuncio appointed Bishop Bastes as auxiliary bishop with right of succession (upon Bp Varela's request in preparation for his retirement). Now, Bishop Varela is retired, and is Bishop Emeritus (with ministry outside the diocese, as he claims in the Corcuera article) and Bishop Bastes is the local ordinary. Incidentally, Bishop Varela is celebrating his Golden Priestly Anniversary this March.


thanks padre gerry!

Fr. Treb, can u email me updates about the pads? also i'll ask my brod jay to buy a CD from you and mail it to me so that i can feature it here. dont worry coz i wont make mp3s :-P

from the rector

with all these rules, its no wonder that seminarians are oftentimes wary of the rector's presence.

the different fonts though kinda takes away the "seriousness" of the rules although it may be intentional on the rector's part hehehe (subterfuge baga), the better to mete out those "kneel down" punishments to the unlucky seminarista Posted by Picasa

Visit Batch 82 Blog

sano ronny who maintains the batch 82 blog has some nice pictures posted. as in the old ones pa so head on there now!

here is shown a skit presented during the intrams awards night 1978 (!)

mga sano email us pictures during your time in olps so we can post them here and enjoy (or cringe at) the memories

Father Manny Corcuera

I also got this about Fr. Corcuera - celebrating his 35th year of priesthood.

news article here

Fr. Jureck

i'm turning to google to post stuff here. and i found out the fr. jureck fernandez is now a priest with the Easter Rite. seems like he went out and now is based in nebraska.

read the news article here abhout the movement to establish the jury system in the philippines

click here for the news article

Romblon seminarians

there's a seminarian's association palan an romblon. click here to visit their website

this is a pic of their seminary. cool ano

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