Welcome the "new" Chapel

mas mahayahay nan magian ini pagkitaon na chapel nyan kesa sadto san 2005. tenks kay padi rector

shouts out to Atty. Dante Arcos (B86) for passing the bar. sin-o pa tabo na sano an nakapasar kaya?

our prayers for the eternal repose of Sano Perry Labayo's dad who passed away yesterday.

BlackSat '08

Batch 92 and Batch '94 made it to OLPS minor last Black Sat and had a good time.

pungal, me uniform pa. asteeeg!

b92 vs. b94 -- sino an gana?

more pix and deets sa blog ninda. kadto na kamo!!! hehe may mga puladayon an bayhon didto :-)

Batch 87 also had a get together at totep's place.

nagparahurulat sa mga online friends ninda na unfortunately it seems dili online hehe. enjoy man gihapon

sya amo lang anay ini kay intaramad na an iba na batch hehe.

Black Sat what?????

whatever happened to the SANO Board of Directors?? so far no info or advance notice of SANO activities anymore. no word also from the people in Minor if somethings gonna happen this saturday.

anyways, to those batches who have something up on BlackSat, kindly post pix or email me pix and stories

Our condolences to the family of Charlie (B81) and Bong (B83) Miaco whose mother passed away recently. Let's all pray for her eternal repose.

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