olps maintains a flickr account pala. view their albums here

and if you haven't visited the OLPS minor blog, well, shame on you! hehehehe joke!. ok, visit it now and relive your crazy high-school days.

btw, these are these year's juniors taking time out from housecleaning to ham it up for the camera.

and also please, OLPS needs your help. you can donate your time and services, goods, and money for the rebuilding of OLPS. contact fr. egay over at the seminary blog for details.

Freshmen's Night sa OLPS

a freshman showing off his dancing prowess during the acquaintance program. nadumduman ko san mauso an breakdance san panahon mi sadto mga early 80's. more pix and deets here.

do check out the sons of sano ronny and kruni rockin' it out

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