this kid just floored me. so insanely amazing. he plays really good guitar and he's just 8 yrs. old now and he has his own blues band! --quinn sullivan band. he began playing professionally at around 5 or 6 yrs. grabe. he also had a gig with the great Buddy Guy, who was so impressed with quinn. imagine, jamming with buddy guy and you're just 8 yrs. old?

he just made my day today. wouldn't it be great if you have a son who could play like him?

quinn at 6

quinn at 7

this is my favorite. mature playing na di ba? the real shit man!!!!

Sanosphere in April 2007

Batch 85

batch 85 had a rockin' reunion last april 10 at rizal beach in gubat. sagot daw ni sano bong sanez. they dont have a blog yet so ronny posted some of the pix - his younger brother, william is from batch 85

visit batch 82's blog for more pix of them.

Batch 92

Batch 92 had a black sat reunion in bacon. looks a lot of fun!

visit their blog for more pix!!!

Batch 83

bomick and family had a very enjoyable camping trip in Port Pirie.

pix and stories here...

while bebot buenaventura makes a guest appearance in batch 83's blog

Batch 87

things always seem to be happening with b87. and they're always nice enough to share them to us.

here's the latest rock band storming the chicago indie music scene -Basyang and the Funky, Funky Twirlers

go visit their fun blog. and dont forget to check out gibbs' pecs and abs hehehe

Batch 93

Batch 93 had an awesome reunion last year

Batch 94

Batch 94 turned out in force for roy's wedding

loads of new pics at their blog...

by ol arcos (b92)

(April 8, 2007 10:16 PM Easter Sunday)

While lying in bed and waiting for sleep to descend upon me, some questions popped into my lazy brain. Why are we here on Earth and why do we have to exist?

Everything around us has respective lengths of lifetimes. We travel in a four dimensional curved space time. So what is the meaning of the events across some points or happenings in between? Everything has opposites from one point or end to end. Like Genesis and Apocalypse, birth and death, ying and yang, matter and antiparticle, quantum physics and relativity, big bang until our expanding universe ends. Can we defy the boundaries of time, travel to the future or go to the past? Can we go forward or backwards? Can we travel through worm holes or black holes to defeat time? Can we remember the future?

Physics says that only if we can travel at frequencies with at least the same with the speed of light can we tweak the so called time. But no matter on Earth can go faster at the speed of light without disintegrating. Our bodies are not designed to travel at that frequency though we are convertible to frequency. Energy is frequency.

One event that comes to our minds in experiencing the past, present and future is the light energy, light frequency or photons emitted by distant stars across our universe. Emitted several years ago before we were born or million of years ago, traveling at some point somewhere in the cosmos, galaxy or universe at the present and will reach Earth maybe tomorrow, next decade or maybe beyond our lifetime. The light energy of the sun takes eight minutes to reach the Earth. Consequently, other stars in the very very vast universe will take longer.

The only frequency that I can think of defying the boundaries of time is the frequency of déjà vu and premonition which some or all of us have had experience. These are the events that we already knew from the moment it happens, and then from thence we remember the future, a pre-designed parallel universe and the inner working frequencies of our own subconscious minds. Some of us rely on tarot or card readings to foresee the future when in fact it is just the frequency of our subconscious channeled to the cards. The subconscious already knows though biblically it is not acceptable. It solely depends upon us on how to tap that frequency when will it occur. Controlling it to go forward to see events in our lifetime, or maybe put the frequency into a device for us to know some events in the future. But how about our mortal bodies? Can we convert our chemical compositions, our molecules, atoms, DNA mappings into a set of frequencies and go from one place or event to another without compromising human structure, life force, will and the human soul? At the present here on Earth we cannot, but in the future who knows? How about terrestrial intelligence outside Earth? We never know here.

Everything will work on a set of frequencies. Even the unseen works on frequencies. Will the devil in Apocalypse or Revelation use frequency? Eventually all business transactions will work on frequencies as telecom and internet protocol will converge. 3G in telecoms which is still in infancy will soon be replaced by 4G in the future. We are wired. Cables, fiber optics, and every communications media are already laid out upon the four corners of the earth. It is just the roll-outs of technologies that are being worked out. Integrated circuits in the future will work embedded into humans - from banking transactions to going to groceries and everything . Chips with sign of the devil? Just a thought. Who knows? It is in the Bible anyway. Can we go back in time to witness the creation of the Bible, witness the evolution of neanderthals, or explore the age of dinosaurs?

Human brain functionality is not yet totally deciphered, behavior varies, events on Earth varies, uncertainty principle always exists. We will eventually degenerate obeying the laws of entrophy as we always go forward in time. The probability that we are going to perish is computed at 100%, unified physics in everything around us can never be decrypted.

Life is a mystery as do falling in love. It is a mystical frequency. We can never know what is in the mind of God. The only possible and probable reason I come to mind why we exist is to follow His footsteps and to serve Him, whatever event is happening around us in our lifetime. This reason I know keeps me on firm hold to the ropes of sanity.

No further questions asked. Life is beautiful, live the most of it.

( 12:04 AM. It’s time to take a rest.I have to pray to God, for my family, for everyone and for my good night’s sleep. Lights off.)

Politician Sanos

i've heard that a good number of sanos are in the running for this year's election. in my batch, Wiron Demate (B86) is running as independent candidate for the councilorship (?) in Casiguran. While Henri Deri (B86) is also gunning for the same position in Gubat.

I think Mike Go (B92) is a sure winner for the vice mayoralty in Sorsogon.

Ding Ramos (B?) should be a hands down winner in Gubat (congressman ba o mayor?)

sin-o pa an aram nindo na mga sano na kandidato niyan na eleksyon?

Btw, they would appreciate it very much if you can contribute to their campaign funds. If you're interested in helping our Sano win this election, let me know so i can hook you up with them.

My Uncle Boy, also a sano (ka-batach ata niya sina Fr. Douglas at Fr. Chubay) passed away last wednesday from aneurysm brought about by complications from heart attack.

godspeed uncle boy.

nadagdagan na naman an mga sano na de kampanilya hehe. big shout out to sano ronald jalmanzar (b97) for having passed the 2006 bar exams!

does anybody know if there will still be a Black Sat Reunion?

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