We came back here (Adelaide) to spend our New Year celeb. with some "Filo" (Aussie slang for Filipino) friends at Glenelg. We watched a live band in the park and amazing fireworks just after the New Year countdown. We head up to our place at around 1AM to continue the "reverie" (tinumba an 1/2 "slab" aka case of beer, a whisky and a bottle of wine into the wee hours of the morning (Jan 1).. er, 9:00 in the morning na pala :-)...)! Well, holiday season is over now yet the good memories still cling on so I look forward to another one at the end of the year! Enjoy mga sano...

Kids inside the holiday unit (Stansbury)

New Year's Eve at Glenelg with some friends

Miaco kidz... taken at Harbor Town (Adelaide)

The family and I also went for a road trip around the peninsula... visiting places like Edithburgh, Coobowie, Warooka, Marion Bay etc. plus the huge Innes National Park wherein a "ghost town" is located called Inneston. This town was established in the early 1900's but abandoned not long after. Some of the town buildings and other residential homes are still standing (most are in ruins) and a few are restored without the inhabitants though. BTW, we saw a mother and child kangaroo in one of the streets just watching us as we passed them. I said to them, "Merry Xmas... makikiraan lang po kami!!!", but they just ignored me. Hmmmp, mga "snob"! :-)

Taken at the entrance of the Innes National park

Inneston town (a restored post office and the ruins of the town's grocery store circa 1913)

The two "snobbish" kangaroo :-)

As usual, same as last year... I am sharin' to you all sanos some of our holiday pix basi may maimud man lang na bag-o dini sa Tambayan ;-)...

Well, it was an excellent holiday for the family. We spent our Xmas holiday sa Stansbury, a coastal town. This place is very good for fishing, crabbing, swimming and other coastal area activities as you know it. Mayad kay may mga crabs kami na nakuwa para isuda sa panigab-i nan pulutan ko pa of course :-)! Stansbury is up Yorke Peninsula.

Taken on top of the hill where our holiday unit is located overlooking the jetty where we went for fishing.

Some shots from the road trip.

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