yup! this is the refectory circa 2006. i never associated refectory as a sad place -- eating there was fun coz we fought over food, told funny stories, shared baon and of course the merienda time ..isakaramusa hehehe. but here it looks sad and feels really empty.

so counting the chairs i assume there are only about 58 seminarians.

and even the priests' table (ano ngani an tawag sadto?) has also gotten smaller

looks like OLPS is beginning to fade away... :-(
what can the alumni kaya do to revive OLPS? any suggestions?

got the pix pala from batch 93

mga sano living abroad and elsewhere (with a fast internet connection) here's an internet station playing nothing but pinoy rock, alternative music, blues and r&b from the 70's to present-- just perfect to wash away those pung-aw!

the station is maintained by a kababayan living in los angeles california. you can even buy the songs (.99$) or the album yata. visit his website here --

download the real player first to play the station or if you are a regular to live365.com then all is a-ok.

listen to pinoy rock here!!!

Here's a recent writeup by my great-writer-in-the-making batchmate Yayes Basares, reflecting on the influence of Pax to the seminarians then and an admiration for Pax as a rector..

here's an excerpt...

Our seminary before was run like a well oiled machine; precise and on the dot in every scheduled activity. The Father Rector, Mons. Pax, herded his flock and made them follow a strict regimen day in and day out giving emphasis on punctuality. The moment we rose until the time we retired we already knew what to follow, how to do things, and where to do them.

His authority on our lives was not confined within its walls for even as we went home we were required to serve the parish.

To our young minds then, discipline and order was a fearsome image. We sulked in corners whenever Mons. Pax made his rounds with that patented clinking of keys as he walked down the corridor; always fearful of what mistake we might have made or what he might find in us. There was fear in hearing his booming voice, his sharp stare was enough to make us toe the line. Order and discipline was Mons. Pax's daily menu. He became the personification of authority every one at our age loved to hate.

Continue reading the writeup here... and visit our blog too :-)

Larry Manda

i was intrigued by an anonymous comment inthe shoutbox so i googled larry manda and i got this. here's a pix of larry manda in one of his shoots. the caption was "Paul TaƱedo (holding camera) assisted by Larry Manda, cameraman". they were making the film "Ebolusyon"

p.s to anonymous posters please identify yourself. type your name in the name field box

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