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Sano Deedee's Family

Deedee's happy smiling family, nakakahawa ang smiles nila ano? :-)

Sano Adriel luzuriaga (B84), is currently an IT director of Burberry in Manhattan, with wife Felice (sister of sanos john and edgar (+) grafilo) of bulan, with daughters natalia and claudia Posted by Picasa

Three Sanos

From left Atty. Bong Sañez (B85) Fr. Rene Piñero (B89), and Richard Montaño (B89)

hehe si sañez parang hawig si philip salvador ano?

again, this was taken during fr. gerry's 50th bday party Posted by Picasa

Sano in the Big Apple

Good looking Sanos during Fr. Gerry's Bday party. From left is Fr. Rene Piñero (B89), Deedee Luzurriaga (B84), Fr. Gerry (B ), Richard Montaño (B89) and Bong Sañez (B85)

Deedee and Richard are IT managers while Bong is a Lawyer. Posted by Picasa

here's fr. gerry celebrating his 50th. the party was organized by his parishioners. Sanos Bong Sanez (B85), Adriel Luzuriaga (B85), Richard Montano (B89), Fr. Pinero (B89) came over to celebrate.

from fr. gerry:

an mga yaon na sano were: fr rj pinero, of course (now on a one-year break from his studies in rome, but working in st mary's parish in bayonne, new jersey and will pursue his doctoral studies next school year.) bong sanez, batch 84, now a new york lawyer, who came with his wife vilma cantuba (of manila and naga) minus daughter camille; adriel luzuriaga, batch 85, wo works as IT director of burberry in manhattan, with wife felice (sister of sanos john and edgar (+)) grafilo, of bulan, with daughters natalia and claudia, and richard montano (fr rj's classmate) who came with wife rowena deyto (from bacon, sorsogon) and daughter raissa.

fr ding caindec is with st anthony's parish in nanuet, upstate new york,and could not come because of saturday parish duties, fr pj alindogan who works in a parish in the diocese of metuchen in new jersey, was on a visit to his sister in winnipeg, canada. leo soliman (who is married to amy (another sano's - rudy dealca's sister) was invited but did not respond. mervs hael is four hours away in maryland, with adlai (adriel's younger brother who also stayed in the seminary for a year).

i'll be posting some more pix in the coming days. pa-diyo diyo lang ha para everyday me bago dito :-)

fr. gerry, ikaw na lang tabi an mag butang sin captions ha.

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family of Luis Obsum whose baby girl passed away May 22, 2006

Fr. Gerry del Prado is currently on sabbatical leave in Staten Island, New York.

How was the golden celebration padre and nadagos ba an pagkirita nindo sa mga OLPS padi and sano dyan?

don't forget to post the pics :-)

Fr. Pax celebrates his bday today. He is currently assigned at the the Fatima Church

Nono's mom passed away last May 6 in Manila. Her body now lies at Arlington Funeral Homes in Araneta, Quezon City. It will be taken back to Irosin on Tuesday, May 9. The interment will be on May 14.

B92 looks back

visit the Batch92 blog for some pics during their time at olps

gibbs has posted wonderful sketches of seminarista life down at the Batch87 blog

Welcome Batch 81!

yehey! another batch went online-- none other than Batch 81!

cool pix ano, parang dead poets society an dating hehehe -- boarding schoolboys talaga ano.

nagulat ako kala ko si classmate kong si gojie yung nasa front row, brod pala niya.

siya go visit their blog na!

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