Batch 86 Good Times

Batch 86 had a great time during the Black Sat Reunion. More pix at their blog

Handicraft Man!

The up and coming handicraft tycoon, otherwise known as one of OLPS pingpong greats, Tony Co was one of the exhibitors in a handicraft trade show held this year at the World Trade Center. B87 guys Linus and Joseph visited his booth. Way to go Tony!


Rinofel & Otats...

Welcome Batch 83!

Batch 83 has set up their blog at The blog is currently maintained by Gerry Arnedo.

Do pay them a visit!

Batch 80-83 visiting fr. doug's at his residence in olv, bibincahan. in the foto are batch '80-loy ocampo, tony deligero, sarge sarmiento, paco gonzalgo, & binoy1 deyto; batch '81-wowo fortes; & batch '83-gerrox pura, choy banaga, larry manda, haile frivaldo.

I was googling "sorsogon seminary" when i came across this news item which surprised me a bit.

Apparently, on March 19, 2006 an unidentified gunman shot and killed Cris Hugo, a 20-year old student leader at the Bicol University and a native of Irosin, Sorsogon.

The news article says that he spent about two years at OLPS Minor but then went out at the behest of his "father who didnt want him to be a priest."

I don't know this guy but from on his age he probably would have been a member of Batch 2002 and probably was in the seminary around 1998-2000

Anyway farewell Sano Cris. Your courage is admirable and you will be remembered.

Here's an excerpt from the article:


Cris came from a devout family. His parents were lectors, or scripture readers in their church. He also acted in theatre productions of their parish church.

“Ang gusto ‘nya talaga ay maging pari (He really wanted to be a priest),” her mother said. She revealed that he spent two years in high school at the Pe├▒afrancia Seminary in Sorsogon City. He went out of the seminary on his third year because his father didn’t want him to become a priest.

“Para lang kaming magbabarkada niyan. (We’re just like friends),” his mother said as she stared at her son’s casket. “I even join his company of friends every time they are here. We would go out to a videoke bar and sing and have fun.”

“Napakabait ng anak ko. Hindi ko matanggap na agad siyang mawawala. Kahit sa mga kapatid niya, ang bait niya. Minsan pag-umuuwi iyan, may dala siyang pasalubong. Kahit ano, tulad ng scented candles. Napaka-thoughtful niya. (My son was very kind. I cannot accept that he would suddenly be gone. Even with his siblings, he was so kind. He even brought gifts for the family when he came home, even simple things like scented candles. He was very thoughtful),” she added....

read the full article here...

head on over to the Batch 87 blog fore more pix of their black sat reunion where they visited "antique themed" juban, casiguran, bulusan :-)

i dunno but bulusan lake sure looks creepy.

nano ina inkurumpulan nindo ha? hala kamo yada na si paquito! hahahahahaha

Wow! seems like B92 had tons of fun during black sat.

bagan mahayahay dida sa bacon ano?

nice pink shirts too.

lotsa pix at their blog . so head on there now already!

Mga Sano! The Black Sabado reunion is tuloy na tuloy na kaya pag tarawagi na an mga ka-batch niyo para sa hapi-hapi sa April 15. The more, the merrier di ba?

it will be a day of games, memories, laughter and fun!

hehe, pls. dont forget to bring your digital cameras and videocams so we can post the pics and videos here for the SANOs who wont make it there.

Contact Persons are Capt. Tato Marcial, Fr. Pax Monje, Totep Perez and the SANO Board Directors. You can also post messages here.

latest update from totep via b87 blog

A Black Saturday Alumni Homecoming at the Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Minor Seminary on April 15, 2006....

Schedule of Activities :

8 AM - 10 AM - Registration (P100 only)
10 AM - General Assembly
> Formal Turnover from old Board of Trustees to New BOT
> Planning of activities for October alumni homecoming
> other matters
12 Noon > lunch break
1 PM to 4 PM - recreation/games/batch reunions

We will be happy to see you again !!!!

Dios mabalos !

Totep Perez
Outgoing Secretary

SANO - da Gwapings

pagwarapuhan nanggayud an mga sano ano? :-) Posted by Picasa

SANO Manila Chapter

Mga Sano! Tato Marcial (B87) is planning on organizing and setting up the manila chapter of the OLPS Alumni. Those interested to help in the setting up may contact Tato Marcial or may email olp s eminarista at yahoo dot com

More SANO pics

this must be fr. intong giving a speech Posted by Picasa

Mga sano, mag prayer brigade man kita for the quick recovery and complete healing of sano Cho Coronel (b87), brother of Rino Coronel (b86) who underwent lymphoma excision a few hours ago and will also undergo treatment for frosted angitis (retina) this morning at the Medical City.

His batchmates and friends may visit him at Rm. 723, The Medical City.

get well soon cho!

(sms from rino)

SANO in Texas

(from mene d.)

como esta' paisano? Here is one of the picture taken last year of the reunion of sano in Texas. This was taken at the Maullons' house. Padre Maullon was busy inside the house entertaining the parishioner, that's why he was not included on the picture. Most of these sano are from Virac Can. in different batch.

The only person that I really know is Boyet Maullon batch '80. The 3rd guy from the right.The picture was taken the day you guys are doing the parade at the city of Sorsogon. We even have an open phone line on that day so that everybody can talked to their own classmates. It was fun.. Posted by Picasa

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