Married priests

this is completely OT, but since i've got nothing interesting to post this will do for the meantime ;D

i accidentally found this while googling about seminaries in the philippines. i never knew that there is an association for married priests. interesting ano?

visit their website here . there's an interesting article there entitled "Towards A Clergy-Less Non-Church"

sa olps kaya how many priests na ba went out and got married? hmm

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First photo, me and my wife Pauline. This was taken when we attended a function (Exclusive Models' Graduation Night) where my youngest daughter Kym performed a song for the crowd. 2nd photo, the proud dad with the bunso (Kym). Kym is in primary school (Wynn Vale Primary). 3rd photo, kids at home (Xmas Eve '05), first from left is Krishelle, my eldest. She's in 2nd Year of Nursing at the University Of South Australia, middle one is my daughter Kitchie (third in the family) and right side is my son Miko. Miko and Kitchie are both in high school (Golden Grove High). By the way, I got four kids. 4th photo, Kitchie and Kym with a friend when we visited Carrick Hill (a Manor House) here in Adelaide for a day outing.

Me and my wife and four kids (3 daughters and a son) have been here in Adelaide since 1991 as permanent residents. My youngest was born here in 1995. I'm currently employed with RLA (Research Laboratories Of Australia) here in Adelaide.

(sano bong, my apologies for posting this late, nalimutan ko baya :-(u got a nice family there, cute wife and kids. nagulat ako me college ka na palan na aki)

rules: refectory

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rules: study period

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Our heartfelt condolences to the family of Atty. Alwyn Talde ('83) whose mother passed away last friday, January 13, 2006.

Batch 87 Reunion

Batch 87 reconnected again with some of their long lost batchmates. deets and pix here

our heartfelt condolences to Atty. Wowo Fortes and Family, whose father passed away last December 2005. Apparently, the car he was driving was struck by a speeding CUL bus somewhere in Irosin.

silence in the study hall...

i'll be posting a series of rules posters i found scattered throughout olps last homecoming 2005 just to bring back memories of the time when you had to live by them :D Posted by Picasa

botanical garden

another view of the garden between the classrooms and study hall Posted by Picasa

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Greetings from Hitler's Nazi Concentration Camp. Spending the holidays with the souls of victims of Holocaust during World War II.

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