Share your holiday pics

its been a slow week or so here. heheh wala nagpost ng bago. anyways since you all probably took a lot of pictures during christmas why not share them? if you cant post here, send them to our email and i'll post them ok?

so to start, here's me with my officemates visiting Hongkong Disneyland. this is our xmas party and r&r [finally after 4 years :-) ]

if you go to HK, dont ever forget to buy digital camera or videocam, well anything electronic. its so cheap. its about 50% off philippine price! and u get more savings if u buy the older model (pero brand new pa sa pinas)

btw, cinderella says hi to all sano :P

hope you all have a great time during the holidays and wishing you a peaceful and bountiful year ahead :-)


a view of the library from the garden. i remember the windows used to be big frosted things Posted by Picasa

classroom garden

a view of the classroom garden from the senior classroom. note the nipa hut Posted by Picasa

back of classroom bldg

famous for the numerous bayawak living in the septic tank and the junk that used to be piled here. Posted by Picasa

classroom toilet

looks more civilized now doesnt it? perfect place to while away boring math classes, sneak a quick smoke. also notorious venue of umentionable "contests" ;-) Posted by Picasa

Classroom pasillo

klase na naman! Posted by Picasa

classroom: blackboard

how i dreaded ms. sy's math class! especially solving math problems in front of the class. Posted by Picasa


the steel windows always remind me of latin class with fr. lorilla who made us climb up the grilles for every mistake in latin grammar. does fr. lorilla still smoke marlboro with snowbear mint candy? :-)

cute gubatnons!

here are some of our gubatnon sano during their cute days. click for bigger pix size

pix courtesy of sano ronny yrurreta Posted by Picasa


i forgot how this place is called, garden something yata. its the space between the classrooms and the study hall Posted by Picasa

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