cool threads!!

mga sano, dondee of batch 92 is still selling the homecoming t-shirt (he designed and printed the shirt yata)

available in all sizes para lahat sa pamilya meron! you can contact dondee at the batch 92 website for details on ordering and payment

new pix from the batch 82 website - about the olps choir

oldtimers yata mga itong mga sano Posted by Picasa

batch yata nila mego, mike and zando ito Posted by Picasa

mga oldtimer na sano Posted by Picasa

ano kayang mga batch ini? Posted by Picasa

batch 87 keeping cool Posted by Picasa

da beadles

jason balbedina (batch 86) with the current beadle ...... (forgets ko na naman name --hehehe shows am not really good with names) Posted by Picasa

riot act!

easily the most if not THE entertaining sano during the homecoming!

man, this guy made the night so much fun and so full of laughter. i'd love to see him again next year :-) Posted by Picasa


batch 87 with their honor guard Posted by Picasa

batch 87

batch 87 up close Posted by Picasa

Meet the rectors

Fr. Edgar Cleofe is the current rector of the minor seminary, the guy with the green shirt is Fr. Henry Diesta, presently, the rector of the college seminary Posted by Picasa


tony co (batch 84) in gwaping mode ;-) Posted by Picasa


fr. caindec and fr. monje with vic escandor (batch86) Posted by Picasa

an interesting find

we found this in big dorm.

we can only laugh and wonder....

(in the interest of public good, this post was edited and some inappropriate comments were deleted)


mga sano playing a spirited game of basketball Posted by Picasa


some even played baseball! Posted by Picasa

Joey is da man!

Joey Cubias, treasurer and committee chair on ways and means, here presenting the financial report

Batch 92 has new website here

batch 83

who could forget the inimitable batch 83? haile, ah-o, tommy, alwyn . medyo serious na arrive nila ngayon hehehehe Posted by Picasa

shiny batch84

miles and his batchmates all shiny and bright Posted by Picasa

Batch 86 meets Batch 85

sluggo and ping of batch 85. still fun guys. calling all batch 85, hope to see a lot of you next year :-) Posted by Picasa

two cool sano who made it all happen, joey cubias and tato marcial. great work mga padi!!! Posted by Picasa

homecoming parade

sikat! batch 86 with jollibee Posted by Picasa

homecoming parade

 Posted by Picasa

homecoming parade

 Posted by Picasa

Homecoming parade

fr. caindec with some of his batchmates (i think) Posted by Picasa

batch 79 and 81 Posted by Picasa

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