Please pray for the eternal repose of our dear brother, Mr. Dex Marbella who joined our creator this morning, 29th of September 2005. His family specially his mom, Tita Denise would like to extend her gratitude to all benefactors and good samaritans who helped Dex during his medication. His remains lie in state at 7th Road, Phase II, Our Lady's Village, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City.

Homecoming preps!!!

pls. contact all sano you know especially your batchmates and convince them to attend the homecoming on Oct. 15-16, 2005

We are requesting pala those who plan to bring their cars along na kung pwede paki-angkas na lang ng ibang sano na aattend din. tsaka welcome din yung magdonate ng gas :-)

please post here your details of travel and car capacity para ma-coordinate namin.

email me also at olpsbatch86 @ and olpseminarista @

also u can text me at 0915 406 38 30

sent by bong miaco via yahoo:

Front row sitting from the left is Tommy Marbella, an upcoming lawyer. Second from left is Dr. Gerrox Pura, a cardiologist. Third from left, Dr. Dennis Donor, a cardiologist. Fourth from left, Romeo Escandor, one of the managers of BFAR, a gov't agency in-charge of aquatic resources. Front row sitting 2nd from the right is Atty. Haile Frivaldo, one of the lawyers of NAPOCOR and part-time professor of Religion at UST. First from the right is Larry Manda, a very successful freelance cinematographer. Back row standing first from the left is Gerry Arnedo, sales director of Pfizer Phil. beside him is Arnel "Binoy" Deyto, before he left the Phil. he's one of the managers of Purefoods Corp. but he's now based in the US.

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