In response to the query posted by one of our sanos weeks ago re Dex Marbella (ka-batch nina Jeff Chua, Ian Renovalles, etc.), here's the latest update about him.(Dex was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure in December 2002; since then, he has been undergoing weekly dialysis which we all know to be very expensive. Ideally, he should have it twice a week,and even thrice a week pa ngani dapat, but due to financial constraint, once a week lang siya nakakadto sa Legazpi for the dialysis. Even if his mother sometimes receives financial help, he still undergoes the dialysis once a week para lang ma-stretch ninda an kwarta.)

My wife Ning got a text message just today from Tita Denise Marbella, Dexter's mother.Tita Denise said that she's at a loss as to where to get the money for Dex's dialysis this coming Saturday. Her brother-in-law in the States who used to assist them financially has not sent them money anymore for the past months.May sakit man daw pan-o and medyo mahal an mga bulong.

Mga sano,since my wife and I have started helping TIta Denise look for financial donors for Dex more than two years ago, kinapalan mi na talaga an bayhon mi para lang mabuligan si Dex. Ning already sent out Tita Denise's letters to PDI and Philippine Star, and luckily may nagharatag pero dili ngani inabot 3 bulan an kwarta. Ubos tulos sa dialysis and Dex's daily medicine.

Now, I am appealing to your generous hearts. MASKI PIRA TABI NA AMOUNT PWEDE NINDO IPADARA KAY DEX. (Pero kun may dako kamo na kwarta, mas mayad. HE!HE!) Pag nagkabiriyo ina, madamo-damo. Let's show the Marbella family that an mga sano are truly men for others. When we visited Dex before, he was obviously very sick and bagan naaalo ngani san appearance niya kay nag-ibahonon hitsura nan color niya, and this we could understand.

San nagbatog pag-solicit si Ning sa maski sin-o na friends niya from UP and Xavier School where she used to teach, kadamo nagharatag maski dili ninda personally kilala si Dex. No questions asked. Siguro kita, mas mabulig kita kay Dex na kapwa ta sano.

So there, let's help Dex. And of course, let's pray na makakuwa na siya kidney donor na mapagalon din hanapon kay Type AB positive dugo niya which is the rarest type yata.

To those who want to give Dex their financial help,pls. contact his mother at this number:09205957384. LET'S HELP DEX! TIME MAY BE RUNNING OUT ON HIM.

Salamatonon, mga sano!

Sano, indie filmmaker

Writer-director Mike Dagñalan (Batch 89) blocks a scene for his full-length film Isnats, an entry in the Cinemalaya Festival of Independent Films. The Film is based on a screenplay that won a Palanca Award for Mike in 2002.

Mike (aka Miguel Pancho) is following in the footsteps of Larry Manda (Batch 83), an award winning filmmaker.

the winners of the cinemalaya, will be announced on sunday at the CCP. btw, mike's movie is currently showing at the CCP. free yata yung showing kaya taralets na!

we hope and pray that mike bags the grand prize.

uragon talaga basta sano ano?

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