Batch 92 Website

Batch 92 has put up an interesting website here. its maintained by alvin arcos, who seems to be a funny geek guy. alvin, is the younger brother of dante arcos of batch 86.

visit and you'll be guaranteed a funny walk on the weird side!

i set up this alumni blog because i got tired of googling about dear old OLPS and finding nothing and also googling people i know from the seminary days and finding little info.

naisip ko mayad siguro na bawat batch makapagsetup nin blog o website para naman tuloy-tuloy ang balita, tsaka mabuhay ulit ang "feeling of brotherhood" :-p

kaya mga sano, buligi man tabi nindo ako na maging buhay an blog nato by being a contributor.

para maging contributor kamo (as in pwede ka magpost dito ng articles, news kwento, pictures, videos, etc) ipadara lang tabi sa akon ang email address nindo para ma-email back ko saindo an activation link.

it would be also very good if the the alumni BOT can give me their email addys so they can be made regular contributors and also para ma-share ko ang administrator's privileges (contributors who have full access to this blog, can delete posts, change design, kick out contributors, etc. etc.)

pls. send your email address to

from tato and gerald:

We would like to take the opportunity to inform all sano that the OLPS Alumni Board of Trustees will be sponsoring a beer plaza this June 24 2005 at the pier of sorsogon city.

Proceeds will be used for the forthcoming 60th Alumni Homecoming. Please support this endeavor by coming home and joining the rest of sano's sa pier kan sorsogon. thanks and see u soon.

this i got from the Batch 87 Blog, posted by Tato Marcial

Next year, our dear alma Mater, the Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Seminary is turning 60, and the OLPS Alumni foundation, Inc. has finalized this year’s homecoming on October 16, 2004, (Saturday) at the OLPS minor seminary; this is in order for all of us to attend and contribute our plans for the next year’s big celebration.

This is therefore our chance to meet once again our “sano”, our contemporaries, and start reminiscing those unending stories of our times.

One of the very important data needed is to establish the directory of each one who was part of the seminary: meaning, if you graduated or officially enrolled in the OLPS even for an hour, then you are one of us!

The OLPS Batch’87 has also appealed to the officers of the alumni association in the institutionalization of the OLPS yearly alumni homecoming, which was unanimously approved, so that every year, all of us shall look forward to this grand activity.

Below is the program of activities for our homecoming. Please do come home!

8:00 a.m. - Registration (OLPS Minor)
9:00 a.m. - Motorcade (from OLPS to downtown)
11:00 a.m. - Mass (Seminary Chapel)
12:00 noon – Lunch(Refectory); per Batch/Class shall bring their own food
1:30 p.m. – Business Meeting (Auditorium)
4:00 p.m. – Games (Basketball, Billiards, Lawn/Table Tennis)
6:30 p.m. - Fellowship, with live band (Auditorium)

Batch '87 Blog

OLPS Batch '87 maintains a blog here.

pictures and stories from the 87 guys. its maintained primarily by gilbert cadiz. they've a bunch of good writers so expect very nicely written articles

Kit Gacias Website

Kit Gacias of Batch 86 has a website. interesting writings on bikolano culture

Visit the Batch 86 Blog

OLPS Batch 86 maintains a blog at

pics old and new and stories from the boys who called themselves "maelstrom"


this is the temporary home of the Our Lady Of Penafrancia Minor Seminary Alumni until the website is up.

mga sano magshare na kamo san mga balita tungkol sa iyo, sa batch nindo nan kun ano-ano pa.

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